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Yonkers recruited to head Psychological Medicine at Yale New Haven Hospital

August 20, 2018

Kimberly A. Yonkers, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, Epidemiology (Chronic Disease), and Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences and Director of the Center for Wellbeing of Women and Mothers at Yale School of Medicine, has been recruited to lead the Section of Psychological Medicine within the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health of Yale New Haven Hospital.

Yonkers' appointment concludes a highly competitive national search that considered leading candidates from around the country. She is well known to the Section of Psychological Medicine as she has served as Interim Director since the departure last year of former Director and Chief Ben Lee, MD.

Yonkers is known for her groundbreaking work on the treatment of mood disorders, particularly those that complicate the reproductive health of women, like menstrual cycle-related mood disorders, post-partum depression, and mood symptoms associated with menopause. Her studies also target the important, under-recognized, and inadequately treated problem of depressed mothers who are also suffering with addiction. She is Director of the Center for the Wellbeing of Women and Mothers at Yale.

A graduate of Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Harvard Medical School-McLean Hospital Psychiatry Residency, Yonkers is widely respected for her clinical expertise, her research contributions, and her teaching and mentorship of young doctors. A national leader, she edits a journal, Psychiatric Research and Clinical Practice. She also served on the Steering Committee that created the current diagnostic manual for psychiatry (DSM5).

“Behavioral health problems are among the most common and most serious medical conditions. We are thrilled to have Dr. Yonkers lead this important initiative within Yale New Haven Hospital,” said Michael Holmes, Senior Vice President for Operations at Yale New Haven Hospital.

“It is very rare to have someone with such strong credentials as an innovator leading a program of this kind,” said John Krystal, MD, Chair of Psychiatry for Yale School of Medicine and Chief of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health at Yale New Haven Hospital.

The Section of Psychological Medicine is responsible for providing psychological, psychiatric, and addiction support to patients dealing with other medical and surgical problems throughout Yale New Haven Hospital. This Section is known for its close collaborative work with other medical specialists to develop and deliver innovative personalized services for these patients.

The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health of Yale New Haven Hospital is the largest provider of behavioral health services in Connecticut and is ranked among the top programs of its kind in the country.

Submitted by Christopher Gardner on August 20, 2018