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Yale University Health Services (YUHS)

The YUHS is a prepaid health care facility for Yale University students, faculty, employees and their dependents. It offers a full range of mental health services to students as well as consultations and referrals to other members. Established in 1925, the YUHS Mental Health and Counseling was one of the first student mental health services and is considered a model for such services throughout the country.

As a training resource, YUHS provides outpatient experience with adults in the age range of 17 - 55 with an emphasis on problems of late adolescence and young adulthood.

Treatment includes individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, couples therapy, psychopharmacology, consultation-liaison evaluations, substance abuse treatment, sex counseling and child evaluation. However, psychotherapy is the most frequent treatment modality. Crisis intervention and consultation is provided to students as well. When a hospital stay is indicated, the service collaborates actively with the services at Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital.

In addition to its function as a general mental health clinic, YUHS also provides consultation to the Yale community, and residents serve as liaisons with undergraduate residential colleges.

YUHS Mental Health and Counseling provides an outstanding training opportunity for outpatient mental health services in the context of a service that is both a student mental health service and an HMO-type health care facility, giving residents experience in both.