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Below are the head of advisory college, longitudinal coaches, student college representative, and affiliates of the Gold college.

Head of Advisory College

  • Associate Professor of Medicine (General Medicine); Head of Advisory College, Gold College, Office of Student Affairs

    As a clinician-educator based at the VA primary care clinic, I spend the majority of my time providing primary care for my panel of veterans. I enjoy caring for this remarkably complex population and feel fortunate that my position also allows me the opportunity for collegial learning and teaching with residents and medical students in the inpatient setting and in clinic. Over the past decade, I have become more involved with undergraduate medical education at the Yale School of Medicine, mainly through the Clinical Skills Committee and teaching small groups of medical students on various topics ranging from Professionalism to Intimate Partner Violence. I lead the Problem-Focused Patient Examination Workshop, an extremely well-received workshop during the Primary Care/Psychiatry clerkship which uses role play to teach all third year medical students how to do a focused visit. Due to my background in clinical skills and assessment, I was selected to serve as a Clinical Assessment Coach focusing on direct observation and formative feedback and have used these skills as Director of Remediation for Yale Medical students and now as an Academic Advisor in the Office of Student Affairs at the School of Medicine. My academic interests have always been grounded in medical education, and include undergraduate medical education, clinical skills teaching, coaching and remediation.

Longitudinal Coaches

  • Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Immunology)

    Dr. Stephanie Leeds is an Assistant Professor of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, with a specific interest and expertise in food allergy.  Dr. Leeds graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University with a degree in literature, and she studied medicine at the University of Chicago.  She completed her pediatrics residency at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and she completed her allergy and immunology fellowship at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.  Dr. Leeds has published research on food allergy, drug allergy, and immunodeficiency disorders, but she is most interested in the natural history, clinical manifestations, novel treatments, and educational challenges of food allergy.
  • Riva Ariella Ritvo Professor in the Child Study Center and Professor of Psychiatry; Medical Director, Children's Psychiatric Inpatient Service at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital; Director, Standardized Patient Program, Teaching and Learning Center; Director of Medical Studies, Yale Child Study Center, Child Study Center

    Dr. Andres Martin is the Riva Ariella Ritvo Professor at the Child Study Center, and Director of the Teaching and Learning Center’s Standardized Patient Program, Yale School of Medicine. He is also medical director for the Children's Psychiatric Inpatient Service at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital. Dr. Martin will serve as academic advisor to the CHATogether program.
  • Professor of Surgery (Pediatrics)

    Robert A. Cowles, MD is a Professor of Surgery at Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Cowles obtained his undergraduate education at the University of Pennsylvania and his medical degree at Temple University. He completed a residency in general surgery at the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor, and spent two additional years pursuing laboratory research which was supported by a training grant from the NIH and by a research grant from the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Cowles then obtained his pediatric surgery training at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at Columbia University in New York City.Dr. Cowles practices the full range of pediatric surgery with specific expertise and interest in the care of children with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract including the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, liver and biliary tree. He currently co-manages patients with short gut syndrome and intestinal failure as part of a multidisciplinary team.He has been a Program Director of Pediatric Surgery Fellowships both in New York and now at Yale University with an interest in competency in surgical education.Dr. Cowles directs a research laboratory focused on the neural control of intestinal adaptation and neural processes involved in recovery from intestinal injury.Meet Dr. Robert Cowles.
  • Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation; Assistant Professor, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

    Dr. Odonkor (triple-O) is fellowship trained and double-board certified in Interventional Pain and Physiatry. He completed pain fellowship at Harvard Medical School, the Massachusetts General Hospital and residency and patient safety and health systems design fellowship at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. As an alumnus of Yale School of Medicine, he is excited to return to Yale to bring his expertise in advanced pain intervention techniques, regenerative medicine and neuromodulation to alleviate chronic pain. Philosophy of care Dr. Odonkor believes in doing the right thing each time for each patient and holds the view that mutual respect and trust is at the heart of any therapeutic alliance between patient and physician. He incorporates his understanding of the neuroscience of changes in the brain in chronic pain states in his clinical practice to help each person work towards restorative wellness. Treating complex chronic pain conditions requires a proactive approach with personal commitment to dietary and lifestyle changes, forming new life affirming habits, a can-do spirit and positive reframing. Dr. Odonkor further utilizes interdisciplinary collaborative partnerships with surgeons, allied health professionals and clinicians to help mobility-limited patients achieve functional restoration. He combines expert training, cutting edge technology and compassionate care to help patients achieve realistic goals. Areas of Expertise include: Advanced pain therapies: MILD procedue, Intracept procedure, Reactiv8, spinal cord stimulation, dorsal root ganglion stimulation, peripheral nerve stimulation, sacral nerve stimulation, restorative stimulation, interspinous spacers, cryoblation, radiofrequency neurotomy, basivertebral and medial branch ablation Therapeutic injections: ganglion impar block, paravertebral blocks, interscalene blocks, pudendal nerve blocks, cluneal nerve block, occipital nerve block, femoral/obturator nerve blocks, saphenous nerve block, epidural injections, peripheral joints- shoulders, knees and hips, sacroiliac joint, cervical, thoracic and lumbar facet injections, botox/chemodenervation Regenerative medicine: prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma therapy, nerve hydrodissection Therapeutic modalities: shockwave therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation Medico-legal consulting for work-related injury, sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents, medical cannabinoids Special conditions treated: tail bone pain, arachnoiditis, fascial disorders, connective tissue disorder, painful diabetic neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome CRPS 1 and 2, inflammatory conditions, nonoperative scoliosis, multifidus atrophy, whiplash syndrome, chemotherapy induced neuropathy, radiation plexopathy, chronic postsurgical pain syndrome He has expertise in clinical trials and runs a research lab with a focus on wearable devices that involve biosensors that, for a patient with a chronic back pain, for example, track changes in range of motion, gait speed, physical activity, and other measures of function. He is involved in medical trainee education and gives several regional, national and international lectures on various topics in chronic pain science and interventional pain techniques. Dr. Odonkor is an assistant professor of orthopedics and rehabilitation at Yale School of Medicine.
  • Associate Professor of Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine); Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation Services, Yale-New Haven Hospital Heart & Vascular Center, Cardiac Rehabilitation; Medical Director, Verdi 3 East, Cardiology; Medical Director, Take Heart Cardiovascular Center, Cardiology; Director, Clinical Cardiology, Cardiology; Director, Take Heart Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program, Cardiology; Director, Event Monitors & Holters, Cardiology

    Dr. Oen-Hsiao graduated from the Yale University School of Medicine and completed her Internal Medicine Internship and Residency at the Hospital of St. Raphael. She continued her training in Cardiovascular Diseases at the Hospital of St. Raphael and joined the faculty in 2009. Her interests include general cardiology, preventive cardiology, women's heart disease, cardiac rehabilitation, and pulmonary hypertension. She is the Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation at the Yale New Haven Health Heart and Vascular Center. She is also a Medical Director of the cardiac telemetry unit and ambulatory cardiology.

Student College Representative

YSM Affiliates

Alumni Affiliates

Ann Arthur
'90 M.D.
Pediatric Ophthalmology
Steven Brown
'81 M.D.
Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care, Sleep
Eric Einstein
'78 M.D.
Internal Medicine
Gerri Goodman
'83 M.D.
Adelina Hung
'12 M.D.
Andrew Kadar
'73 M.D.
Kevin Koo
'13 M.D.
H Linda Li
'19 M.D.
Fatima Mirza
'21 M.D.
Lin Mu
'20 M.D.
Consultant, BCG
Gerneiva Parkinson
'17 M.D., '17 MMSc
Internal Medicine; future Medical Oncology
Hanya Qureshi
'23 M.D.
Nensi Ruzgar
'22 M.D., '22 MHS
Lise Tchouta
'16 M.D., '16 MHS
Leslie Vogel
'87 M.D.
Aron Wahrman
'84 M.D.
Plastic Surgery
Sushrut Waikar
'98 M.D.