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Faculty Mentors

The Office of Student Research maintains an extensive list of research faculty, many of whom have mentored students in the past or who are interested in serving as mentors in the future. You should be able to contact them relatively easily; email is typically the best way to begin.

For summer research, the Downs Fellowship Program provides opportunities to students to live, learn, work and do research in low- and middle-income countries. Outstanding student research projects, have led to oral presentations and posters at national and international health conferences demonstrating an understanding of epidemiological, genetic, biological, clinical and social patterns in health and medicine. Surveys show that past fellows have been deeply influenced by their experiences abroad, which have helped them shape new perspectives on their responsibilities and capabilities as health professionals.

Research is carried out in the context of host countries’ culture, health problems and resources. Although students may initiate projects, Yale faculty members provide intellectual support, practical assistance and links with host-country sponsors who serve as mentors during the Fellows time abroad. The choice of research topic and methodological detail are joint responsibilities of applicants and faculty advisors. Any member of the Yale faculty may serve as a project advisor to applicants.

Global Health Faculty Advisors

In addition, there is a group of designated Global Health Faculty Advisors across several of the departments who are an excellent resource for identifying possible faculty mentors within their departments.