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Diagnostic Methods

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    Professor of Laboratory Medicine, of Neurosurgery, and of Cellular and Molecular Physiology; Vice Chair for Education, Department of Laboratory Medicine; Director of Medical Education, Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology; Thread Leader, Physiology, Office of Education; Associate Director, Clinical Chemistry Laboratory, Yale-New Haven Hospital

Thread Description


The Diagnostic Methods thread incorporates content related to both Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Medicine.

The thread starts in the Introduction to the Profession master course where we introduce students to Radiology (as a profession) through a panel and other activities. This is followed by a cancer imaging lecture and workshop in Genes and Development, which covers the role of Radiology in cancer imaging (focused mainly on mammography and some nuclear medicine imaging).

In Attacks and Defenses, we give content introducing students to the basics of the common imaging modalities (CT, MRI, US, and Conventional Radiography). Laboratory Medicine content includes a TBL on the laboratory assessment of immunodeficiency syndromes, and a series of clinical diagnostic sessions focused both on infectious disease diagnostics and some core principles of laboratory diagnostics.

This is followed by focused topics on chest, cardiac, and genitourinary imaging in Homeostasis. Over the last few master courses, the Diagnostic Thread covers topics in abdominal and endocrine imaging, as well as neuroradiology and imaging consideration in older patients. In the Connections to the World master course, an additional laboratory medicine workshop is aimed at laboratory testing related to substance use disorders and pain management, and principles of clinician oversight of point-of-care testing.


Lectures, workshops, and labs.