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Program for Biomedical Ethics

The Program for Biomedical Ethics incorporates a diverse group that brings a wide range of experience and expertise to the table, including faculty and staff is from the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Law, Divinity, Public Health, as well as Yale New Haven Hospital staff, and others who share a common interest in education, research, and clinical practice in the field of medical ethics.

Our program coordinates the ethics education of Yale medical students over the course of the four years, including assistance for those who choose to write their thesis in this area. In addition, educational programs are provided for other members of the Yale medical community, such as journal clubs, working groups and special conferences.

Yale Symposium on Holocaust and Genocide Supported by the Lindenthal Family

The Yale Symposium on Holocaust and Genocide featured an international panel of scholars discussing historical, sociological, and legal aspects of genocide, including the Nazi era as well as other historical and present-day examples. Much of the program focused specifically on the role of physicians. This symposium was a hybrid event, intended for a wide audience including scholars in each of these disciplines, as well as the general public.