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Yale Global Health Students United for Regional and Global Education (YGH SURGE)

About Us

YGH SURGE is a student-led, interactive online global health education program for professional students of various disciplines who gather to discuss pertinent global health topics. SURGE was founded as a pilot program in 2020 by Yale medical students Hanya Qureshi and Autumn Nobles, in collaboration with the Yale School of Medicine Office of Global Health Education (YSM OGHE), to foster international and interdisciplinary connection during the COVID-19 pandemic. SURGE has since expanded to an annual program that highlights a new theme in global health each year. Since its founding, SURGE has brought together over 180 participants from 24 different countries and multiple disciplines, while maintaining strong connections with former participants who serve as alumni advisors to provide mentorship. Today, SURGE strives to form sustainable partnerships and foster the next generation of global health leaders and advocates.

Annual SURGE Themes

  • 2020 – The Impact of COVID-19 on Global Health
  • 2021 – Rights and Their Violations
  • 2022 – Structural Violence and Inequities
  • 2023 – Global Health & The Environment
  • 2024 – The Role of AI in Global Health

Mission and Objectives

  • To promote an interdisciplinary perspective in approaching relevant global health problems and solutions
  • To facilitate the development of strong connections and partnerships between students of diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • To explore the strengths of case-based, peer-learning in global health education and innovation


YGH SURGE is designed for professional students interested in global health in all countries and of all disciplines, including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, law, business, and more. SURGE selects its participants each year through nominations from the administration of professional institutions. Active participation is expected, and stable internet access is required as SURGE is conducted online, via Zoom. If you are interested in participating, please contact us via email and provide us the contact information of your institution’s administration.

OGHE Student Coordinators Launch Online Pilot Global Health Program

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of international interdisciplinary collaboration on global public health issues has become clear. Autumn Nobles and Hanya Qureshi, Yale School of Medicine (YSM) second-year MD students, have responded to the need for such collaboration by developing a series of 11 educational forums with students at schools in international settings, and launching Yale Global Health Students United for Regional and Global Education (YGH SURGE).

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Executive Planning Committee

  • Hanya Qureshi, MD (founder)
  • Shahryar Rana, MD
  • Carla Borré, MD, MPH
  • Yves Najm Mrad, MD, MPH
  • Insiya Saifudeen
  • Paul Okoye
  • Abena Yeboah
  • Jessica López Espinosa