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We are inevitably moving into a time when data from the examination of individual genomes will be routinely used to assess individual risks and guide clinical management and decision-making. The Genetics Thread aims to prepare students to participate in the multidisciplinary teams that will make cutting-edge genetic and genomic research results available to patients. The thread aims to:

  • Provide a solid foundation regarding basic principles of genetics
  • Outline the technical principles underlying genomic and epigenomic technologies and how they are used in clinical practice.
  • Introduce the big questions in the field of genetics and genomics
  • Introduce common genetic disorders, including single gene disorders, disorders of chromosome abnormalities, inborn errors of metabolism, and multifactorial genetic disorders.
  • Outline the indications to refer a patient for genetics evaluation, testing, or counseling
  • Afford practice using information resources and genetic and genomic databases such that learners can engage in continuing education regarding advances in genetic and genomic medicine throughout their careers.
  • Address the genomic era's ethical, regulatory/legal, and social implications (i.e., health equity, healthcare cost, patient education).


Genetics uses lectures and active learning sessions (a variation of team-based learning) to deliver content to students. The active learning sessions give students the opportunity to work in teams to apply what they’ve learned to solve clinically relevant problems.