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Introduction to the Profession (iPro)

Course Directors

Course Description


The first course in the Yale School of Medicine curriculum is the Introduction to the Profession (iPro). The goal of iPro is to introduce first-year medical students to their professional identity in medicine. iPro also aims to introduce and foster a holistic approach to the learning and practice of medicine. The course focuses on topics related to professionalism, patient-centered care, interprofessional collaboration, health equity, bias and racism, community engagement, role power and privilege amidst others. Beyond learning in large and small group settings in the classroom, students have early exposure to clinical environment through time at Yale New Haven Hospital, participate in simulation exercises and engage with local nonprofits that serve the New Haven community.

Beginning the Journey in Medicine


The teaching methods in iPro include interactive and participatory classroom sessions, small group experiences in the community and museum, simulation exercises, hospital experiences and patient centered learning.



  • Written reflection

Learning Objectives

  • Explain how personal biases, beliefs, experiences could come in conflict with beliefs and backgrounds of patients and thus interfere with the care of the patient.
  • Explain how social determinants of health may be the result of structural and systemic issues found in the community in which we live, in the larger society, and may be the result of historical precedents.
  • Describe ways in which observation is a critical component of clinical skills. • Explain why it is important to engage with the medical school pre-clinical curriculum.
  • Explain why it is important for you to consider and reflect on the story you wish to tell as a physician and the story that you wish told about you.
  • Explain why reflection and communication with others around the stressors encountered in medical practice are so important.