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Forms, Deadlines & Funding

This page provides practical information about funding opportunities and logistics, a summary of student research deadlines, and links to useful student research related forms.


Access the forms you need to conduct research at YSM, from first-year summer research through your MD thesis.


Deadlines/Important Dates

Research programs supported by the Office of Student Research have various deadlines, which can be seen on the specific program pages.

Deadlines/Important Dates


The Office of Student Research provides three types of stipend support for student investigators. These projects are supported by a variety of organizations (NIH, private donors, and departmental and University funds). All programs require a competitive application.

These Are:

  1. Summer Research
    • Summer research stipends are awarded primarily to students between the first and second year.
  2. Short-term research
    • Short-term stipends are awarded for specific blocks (one - three months) during the academic year (usually third, fourth, and fifth year) when full-time research is performed.
  3. One-year medical student research fellowships
    • These are typically used in the fifth year.

Please note: financial support is not provided for writing the thesis.

Funding Logistics for Stipends

  • “Full time research” is defined as 40 hours per weeks conducted during daytime work hours. Because the stipend is provided to support immersive research work, students may not take vacation, undertake paid employment, or be enrolled in electives or subinternships – no matter how small the hourly time commitment -- during their period of stipend support.
  • Stipends are provided at the NIH predoctoral level, which may be adjusted by the federal government at various times throughout the year.
  • If you are not currently enrolled in Direct Deposit, please note that your first stipend payment may be paid as a paper check. Checks are mailed to the student's US mailing address as listed in the Student Information System (SIS). Therefore, students are encouraged to check their mailing address in the Student Information System to avoid delays in receipt. Please note: It can take approximately one pay cycle for direct deposit to take effect. Until then, you may receive a paper check. Questions regarding stipends should be directed to the Office of Student Research (

The Lowe Endowment Fund and The Lewis Levy, MD, Research Fund

Limited funds from the Lowe Endowment and Levy Fund are available to Yale MD students. These funds can be used for research costs/equipment. Preference will be given to faculty/student pairs who do not have research grants or other funds to cover these expenses (some Downs fellowships or other global health projects where additional support is needed, humanities in medicine research projects, and certain clinical research projects). Funds will not be given if the faculty mentor holds a grant or has other funds. IMPORTANT: Medical students may apply for research costs/equipment for one research project per academic year. Medical students cannot submit a second application for research costs/equipment for the same research project.

The maximum amount that can be applied for is $1,000.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please use the following naming convention when sending your application: LastnameFirstname_LoweLevy_2023-2024 and combine all supporting documents in a single file. Please send your application and all supporting documents to Box@Yale.