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Funding, Deadlines & Forms

This page provides practical information about funding opportunities and logistics, a summary of student research deadlines, and links to useful student research related forms.


The Office of Student Research provides three types of stipend support for student investigators. These are:

  1. Summer Research
  2. Short Term Research
  3. One Year Medical Student Research Fellowships

All programs require a competitive application. Summer research stipends are awarded primarily to students between the first and second year. Short-term stipends are awarded for specific blocks (1 - 3 months) during the academic year when full-time research is performed. These projects are supported by a variety of organizations (NIH, private donors, and departmental and University funds).

View a list of Past Student Fellowship Awards.

Stipends are available to support summer research as well as other periods when full-time research is performed. Stipends are provided at the NIH predoctoral level, which may be adjusted by the federal government at various times throughout the year. “Full time research” is defined as 40 hours per weeks conducted during daytime work hours. Because the stipend is provided to support immersive research work, students may not be enrolled in electives or subinternships – no matter how small the hourly time commitment -- during their period of stipend support. Additionally, financial support is not provided for writing the thesis. Stipends are paid bimonthly in a retrospective manner starting two weeks following initiation of research. Due to Yale’s financial policy, the first stipend is paid as a paper check regardless of whether the student has set up direct deposit. Due to physical distancing measures enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic, students receive their first stipend payment in the mail. Therefore, students are encouraged to update their mailing address in the Yale Workday financial management system to avoid delays in receipt. Questions regarding stipends should be directed to OSR.

Lowe Endowment Fund

We are pleased to announce the availability of limited funds from the Lowe Endowment which are available to Yale medical students. These funds can be used for two purposes:

  1. Research costs/equipment - Preference will be given to faculty/student pairs who do not have research grants or other funds to cover these expenses (some Downs fellowships where equipment is needed, humanities in medicine research projects, and certain clinical research projects). Funds will not be given if the faculty mentor holds a grant or has other funds. IMPORTANT: Medical students may apply for research costs/equipment for one research project. Medical students cannot submit a second application for research costs/equipment for the same research project.
  2. Travel to an international meeting outside the United States where the student is presenting a paper or poster.

Students can apply in one category only. There are three application cycles during the academic year with the following dates:

  • May 15th
  • September 15th
  • January 15th

The maximum that can be applied for in each category is $750. Students traveling to international meetings to present are also eligible for the usual travel allowance of one half of expenses up to $700. The faculty mentor must also indicate on the form by signature that other avenues have been explored for these expenses and are not available, including grants, Downs awards, and mentor’s funds. A full time Yale faculty member is required to approve the application.

Application to the Lowe Endowment Fund

Completed applications can be directed to

Funding for Travel

In addition to presenting at Student Research Day, students are encouraged to present research work at scientific meetings.

As of July 1, 2020 in order to ensure availability of funds for all medical students, reimbursement is limited to one conference per academic year for a medical student, and that only one medical student can be reimbursed per presented abstract.

It has been the policy of the Medical School to fund half the cost (up to a maximum of $700) of travel to a major scientific meeting. We expect the Yale department where the research was done to pay for the other half. For students applying for support for this travel from the Office of Student Research, please follow this two-step process:

Step one-Before you travel

  • Students must apply for travel money at least thirty days before the trip (see application below). A complete application must include the following:
    • A notification of acceptance for the student to present their research
    • A copy of the accepted abstract
  • Please submit your complete application to the Office of Student Research to the Box@Yale. Note that you will be asked to enter your NetID and password.
    • Students must use the naming convention: LNAME_Fname_MeetingAcronym_AcademicYear (ie. SMITH_Robert_SID_2022-2023.pdf)
  • We expect students to plan ahead to get the best airfare.
  • We will pay for hotel expenses for a maximum of three days but expect that students will find an economical place to stay.
  • Meals covered by conference fees or airline ticket fees are not to be additionally reimbursed.
  • If you need transportation in the city, we would like you to take public transportation if at all possible, rather than costly taxis.

Step two-Within ten days of your return

  • Students must submit their expenses within ten business days following their return from travel.
  • Students should complete the Travel Reimbursement request form. Students should be prepared to upload PDF copies of the following documents to the form:
    1. A signed, PDF copy of the Travel Expense Report form (linked below)
    2. A single, combined PDF of all travel-related receipts.
    3. A PDF of the conference schedule. A single page with “at a glance” details is acceptable.
    4. If the student is receiving partial funds from the mentor or department in which the research was performed, then a statement of support with an administrator’s name should be uploaded with the following naming convention: LNAME_Fname_MeetingAcronym_DeptSupport.
  • Please use the following naming convention for all files. Files uploaded without following this naming convention may delay the reimbursement process.
    1. LNAME_Firstname_ExpenseReport
    2. LNAME_Firstname_Receipts
    3. LNAME_Firstname_AcronymAgenda (ie. SMITH_Robert_SIDAgenda)

This policy is intended to permit more students the opportunity to present their work at meetings. Please review the “Reimbursement Guidelines” document below.

Please contact the Office of Student Research at with any questions.


About Thesis Deadlines

Photo by Robert A. Lisak
Student Research Day 2018

The Office of Student Research, in conjunction with the Dean’s Office, has established the following deadlines for theses submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation in May 2023. The deadlines ensure that

  1. students have sufficient time to complete their theses
  2. that there is sufficient time for rigorous departmental review and subsequent revision by students before final approval.

These deadlines are strictly followed. Students are strongly encouraged to submit their theses well before the Class of 2023 Thesis Deadlines below since this provides both students and the sponsoring departments more time for useful review and revision.

As a reminder, the rigorous generation and collection of reproducible data can take many months. Additional time is then required for analysis and the subsequent preparation, submission, revision, and ultimate publication of the thesis and any manuscripts resulting from the project. Therefore, students are encouraged to work with their mentors to develop a realistic timeline for project completion. Please contact Deans Chaudhry or Herzog with questions.

A reminder: We recommend that the actual time devoted to data collection (laboratory or other) be accomplished in a ten-to-sixteen week period or its equivalent in days. Additional time is then needed for planning and literature review, for evaluation of data and final write-up. Stipend support is for full-time periods when students are carrying out the research, but financial support is not provided for writing the thesis.

Thesis Deadlines

Class of 2023 Thesis Deadlines

December 16, 2022 - January 2, 2023 (rolling deadline)
Suggested deadline for student to provide thesis draft to thesis advisors. Students should communicate with their advisor to determine a mutually agreeable date.

December 16, 2022 - January 20, 2023
Advisor meets with student to review thesis. Student makes revisions and provides Advisor with edited version. The revised thesis then receives the Advisor’s approval for submission.

January 20, 2023*
Student uploads approved thesis in PDF format to the Departmental Thesis Upload link Deadline for Advisor to complete the Thesis Advisor Assessment This date is also the deadline for the advisor to request extensions, if needed.

January 20, 2023 - February 24, 2023
Thesis undergoes Departmental Review and Assessment

February 24, 2023
Student receives notification of thesis approval from Department

Week of February 27, 2023; no later than March 3, 2023
Student receives notification of thesis approval and feedback from OSR. Information for Proquest upload and (if relevant) prize nomination will also be provided at this time.

March 10, 2023
Submission of an approved, final version of thesis to the library via Proquest (all students meeting the above deadlines)

*Students missing the January 20, 2023, deadline will be ineligible for thesis prizes at graduation. Details on the honors process are available on page 26 of the “Guide for Students and Faculty Sponsors”.

Extensions beyond the above thesis deadlines will be made only for special circumstances and must have the approval of the student’s thesis advisor, academic advisor, and the Departmental Thesis Chairperson. Such extensions, if granted, will carry the following ABSOLUTE Class of 2023 Thesis Extension Deadlines:

Thesis Extension Deadlines

Class of 2023 Extension Deadlines* – MD Students *Students missing either of these deadlines will be unable to graduate in 2023.*

March 24, 2023
For those students receiving thesis extensions, this is the last date for the thesis to be formally approved by advisor and submitted to Departmental Thesis Chair for review and approval

April 21, 2023
For those students receiving thesis extensions, this is the last date for submission of an approved, final version of thesis to the library via Proquest

**All late theses require an extension. The Advisor needs to request the extension (in writing via email) before January 20, 2023.*

Student Research Fellowship Deadlines

Fellowship Award Deadline
Summer Research Fellowship $6,588 May 5, 2023
Short-Term Research Fellowship $2,196/month

(2022-2023 Academic Year)

August 5, 2022 (Research Sept., Oct., Nov.)
November 4, 2022 (Research Dec., Jan., Feb.)
February 3, 2023 (Research Mar., Apr., May)
May 5, 2023 (Research Jun., July, Aug.)

One-Year Fellowship

$26,352 - 42,000 Varied


If a form is not available on-line, Adobe Acrobat PDF format is the preferred file type for all application forms. Most of the forms published in PDF format can be filled-out online and either submitted electronically or printed, then submitted as hard copy.

To complete and submit a form electronically, applicants must use Adobe Acrobat to complete the form, save a copy of the completed file to a disk, and then submit the file electronically on disk or as an email attachment.

Applications cannot be submitted electronically using Adobe Acrobat Reader, since the PDF Reader does not allow the user to save changes made when completing a form online. Adobe Acrobat Reader can, however, be used to complete forms online for printing.

Alternatively, documents may be downloaded in either PDF or Microsoft Word formats for printing copies that subsequently can be filled-out offline. Applicants are encouraged to use a type-writer or word processor to fill out forms in this manner.


Student Research Application Forms
  • Travel Application (PDF), Travel Guidelines (PDF)
  • Thesis Depositor's Declaration form (PDF)
On-Line Forms