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Building on a Tradition of Excellence

Our curriculum, launched in 2015, embraces the proud traditions of our past while keeping an eye towards the future. Eight Overarching Goals and Five Guiding Principles form the foundation of the curriculum. You will see that these goals focus on areas essential for students to become successful future leaders in medicine. In addition, our Guiding Principles ensure that the curriculum is built upon the principles and values of the Yale System of Education, including respect for student initiative and maturity, curricular flexibility, close faculty mentoring and a required thesis to promote scientific inquiry, all hallmarks of our unique learning environment.

Yale offers fantastic physician and physician-scientist training and presents students with a unique medical school curriculum that places less of an emphasis on competition & grades and a greater emphasis on collaboration & curiosity. I ultimately decided Yale was the right place for me because students openly supported one-another in and outside of the classroom and students here seemed genuinely happy.

Elsie Gonzalez-Hurtado
Fifth-year MD-PhD student