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Pre-Clerkship Phase Policies & Procedures

These policies apply to the Pre-clerkship phase of the MD Program, and this list is provided for attestation purposes. You can also view all policies by topic.
Curricular Phase
Policy Title & Link
Short Summary
PreclerkshipGraduation RequirementsProcedure for Student Review and Challenge the Educational RecordProcedure for students to challenge their educational record.
PreclerkshipAssessment, Remediation and AppealsAssessment Course Exams and Qualifiers PolicyCourse Directors must release qualifier scores within 5 days after the qualifier closes and students who do not pass must contact Course Directors within 7 days for remediation.
PreclerkshipAssessment, Remediation and AppealsMidCourse Clerkship Feedback PolicyIntegrated courses must provide at least one self-assessment midway through the course.
PreclerkshipAssessment, Remediation and AppealsNon-Involvement of Providers of Student Health Services or Family Members in Student AssessmentNo faculty member who is ever involved in a student's personal health care should be in a position to evaluate them.
PreclerkshipAssessment, Remediation and AppealsNarrative AssessmentSpecifies the course & clinical narrative requirement.
PreclerkshipAssessment, Remediation and AppealsProcedure for Flow of Information for Suboptimal Student Behavior or PerformanceProcess for addressing case of suboptimal student behavior/performance and the flow of information to medical education leadership.
PreclerkshipAssessment, Remediation and AppealsRemediation PolicyProcedure when a student is struggling with clinical reasoning, communication or professionalism.
PreclerkshipAttendanceAbsenteeism from Mandatory Pre-Clerkship Curriculum ProcedureProcedure when a student misses a mandatory session without an acceptable reason.
PreclerkshipAttendanceRequired Attendance in Pre-Clerkship Curriculum PolicySessions that meet criteria in the policy may require student attendance.
PreclerkshipLearning Enviroment, Supervision & Student SafetyGuideline for Pre-Clerkship Academic WorkloadStudents can be expected to spend 3 hours per day or 20 hours per week on preparatory material.
PreclerkshipLearning Enviroment, Supervision & Student SafetyGuidelines for Student Access and Use of Electronic Health RecordsGuidelines for student use of EHR. Students may access the charts of their team's patients for purposes of patient care and educational assignments, only. Outlines restrictions. RESEARCH access must be in accordance with IRB-approved protocol.
PreclerkshipLearning Enviroment, Supervision & Student SafetyGuideline for Student Physical Exam Video RecordingOutlines the guidelines to be adhered to when utilizing the PE room recording technology.
PreclerkshipLearning Enviroment, Supervision & Student SafetyProcedure for Switching out of Small GroupsStudents must consult course director and small group leaders before switching small group sections.
PreclerkshipLearning Enviroment, Supervision & Student SafetyTeaching Preparation for Resident-Graduate Students and Post Doctoral FellowsFaculty must train all graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to teach in the pre-clerkship curriculum.
PreclerkshipLearning Enviroment, Supervision & Student SafetyProcedures for Harassment/ Mistreatment/ Bias & Work HoursReports of Harassment, mistreatment, bias and/or work hours violation will be addressed by course directors & chairs with involved faculty and responses reviewed by EPCC. Faculty and staff are mandated reporters for sexual harassment.
PreclerkshipProfessionalism and Academic Learning Enviroment PoliciesConflict of Interest (COI) PolicyPlease provide a disclosure slide/statement at the beginning of each lecture.] -Acceptable Sample Disclosures can be found with the online policy.
PreclerkshipProfessionalism and Academic Learning Enviroment PoliciesProfessionalism PolicyThis policy outlines in detail the expectations for student professionalism at YSM.
PreclerkshipProfessionalism and Academic Learning Enviroment PoliciesCode of Conduct of Yale School of MedicineCode of personal and professional conduct for the YSM community.
PreclerkshipProfessionalism and Academic Learning Enviroment PoliciesUnsatisfactory PerformanceFaculty responsibility to report any activity that could be a potential harm to other people that occurs in the context of a person's professional, medical or academic duties.