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Family Medicine

EL Family and Transgender Medicine Elective (Oneonta, New York)

Objectives: To understand and provide for the specific health care needs of transgender youth and adults.

To practice of family medicine in a small town with limited access to specialists using available resources to provide high quality care.

To learn about care coordination with larger healthcare systems in this practice setting.

To learn about the practice of medicine in a small community and how physicians are integrated into that community.

To develop a family systems-based approach to providing care.

Supervision: The preceptors are Yale graduates who provide primary care for a diverse population in the clinic setting. In addition to practicing outpatient family medicine, they provide transgender medicine to youths and adults, providing a unique practice opportunity.

Facilities: A.O. Fox Hospital, Oneonta, New York

Scheduling Restriction(s): Scheduling per permission of director/preceptor.

Student’s Class Level: 4th, 5th year

Length of Rotation: 2 to 4 weeks (maximum-1 student)

Prerequisite(s): Completion of 3rd year clerkships

Accept Visiting Students: No

Learning Objectives

EL Family Medicine Elective (Middlesex Hospital)

Objective: To expose the medical student to the wide variety of clinical situations encountered in a national model, community-based Family Medicine Residency Program.

Clinical Activities: In our offices, you will see and examine a wide variety of patients, present your findings and differential diagnosis, develop a plan of investigation and management with your supervisor, and explain the plan to your patients. Students will manage and document care using our electronic health record. In the hospital, you will be a member of the team on the Family Medicine Inpatient Service which provides medical, pediatric, newborn, maternity, and consultative care. At all times, your responsibilities will be commensurate with your abilities.

Formal Teaching Activities: Formal teaching activities include both didactic and interactive sessions. Bedside teaching rounds occur daily on the Family Practice Inpatient Service. The student will participate in several weekly conference series and attend three-hour hands-on seminars each Wednesday afternoon.

Supervision: Overall supervision will be by Dr. Acevedo. The senior resident or faculty member present in the office or hospital will provide direct clinical supervision on any particular day.

Facilities: Our three offices in Middletown, Portland, and East Hampton are well equipped with facilities for minor surgery, casting, colposcopy, spirometry, audiometry, complete vision screening, electrocardiograms, various cultures and rapid, enzyme-based diagnostic tests. Each office has a teaching microscope and full videotaping capabilities.

Scheduling Restriction(s): Scheduling per permission of director/preceptor, Closed during Summer

Student’s Class Level: 3rd, 4th, 5th year

Length of Rotation: 4 weeks (maximum-1 student)

Prerequisite(s): N/A

Accept Visiting Students: No. *For international students: only accredited Canadian Medical School Visiting students are considered.

Learning Objectives