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The Biochemistry Thread aims to showcase the relevance of carbon-containing molecules to the pathogenesis of human disease and to the practice of medicine in the 21st century. The thread is organized in units: introduction to the players (3 lectures), flow of genetic information (molecular biology; 6 lectures) and metabolism and nutrition (11 lectures). The lecture format is interactive with built-in practice questions, at-home case study reading followed by in-class discussion, presentation of biochemically relevant case studies during the lectures and illustrations of biochemical principles using animal disease models.


Biochemistry uses lectures to deliver content and conferences that are designed to relate “textbook” biochemistry to the practice of medicine. Each conference is focused on a particular medical topic of biochemical relevance---emerging infections, new ways of looking at old diseases, and therapeutics. In each case, though disease is highlighted, it is the molecular aspects of the topic that will be emphasized. Our goal is to stimulate discussion on the underlying biochemistry, to provoke curiosity and to promote brainstorming on new approaches to medical problems.