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Below is a listing of the major administrative telephone numbers for the Yale School of Medicine. If you are looking for a phone number in an academic department or YSM organization, please see the A-Z Index for specific contact information.

Yale phonebook

To find an individual at Yale, please use the Yale Directory or call Yale Directory Assistance at 203-432-4771.

YSM administrative links and phone numbers

Academic & Professional Development 203-785-4670
Admissions, medical students 203-785-2696
Admissions, Public Health 203-785-2844
Admissions, Physician Assistant Online Program 844-433-9253
Admissions, Physician Associate 203-785-2860
Alumni Affairs, Medicine 203-436-8551
Alumni Affairs, Public Health 203-785-4989
Alumni Affairs, Physician Assistant Online Program 844-433-9253
Alumni Affairs, Physician Associate 203-785-2860
Animal Research 203-785-5992
Animal Resources Center 203-785-2526
Billing Compliance 203-785-3868
Business Center, YSM 203-737-5314
Cashier's Window 203-785-4696
Cooperative Research 203-785-6209
Communications, Office of 203-785-5824
Computing Services 203-785-3200
Dean, Office of 203-785-4672
Dean's Advisory Council on LGBTQI+ Affairs -
Development, YSM 203-436-8558
Dining Services (Cafe Med) 203-737-2098
Dormitory (Harkness) 203-785-4686
Education, Office of 203-737-4190
Electronic and Machine Shop 203-785-4677
Emergency 911
Environmental Health & Safety 203-432-9875
Facilities Construction & Renovation, YSM 203-737-2841
Faculty Affairs, YSM 203-785-4670
Finance and Administration Office 203-785-2436
Financial Aid 203-785-2645
Financial Operations 203-737-5314
Fire Marshal, Office of 203-785-4624
General Counsel, Office of 203-432-7960
Grant and Contract Administration 203-785-4689
HIPAA 203-436-9037
Human Investigation Committee 203-785-4688
ID Center 203-785-4286
Information/Public Affairs 203-432-1333
Information/University Security 203-785-5555
Library Information Desk 203-785-4065
Mail Room 203-785-4087
Minority Organization for Retention & Expansion (MORE) -
Office of Cooperative Research 203-785-6209
Office of Student Research 203-785-6633
Office of the Dean 203-785-4672
Postdoctoral Affairs 203-785-7528
Postgraduate and Continuing Medical Education (CME) 203-785-4578
Parking and Support Services 203-785-6456
Policies & Procedures -
Registrar, Medical students 203-785-2644
Registrar, Physician Assistant Online Program 844-433-9253
Registrar, Physician Associate 203-737-1003
Registrar, Public Health 203-785-7676
Room Reservation Information -
Security (routine calls) 203-785-5555
Stock Room, YSM 203-785-4244
Student Affairs, Medical Students 203-785-2644
Student Affairs, Physician Assistant Online Program 844-433-9253
Student Affairs, Physician Associate 203-737-1003
Student Affairs, Public Health 203-785-6260
Student Financial Aid 203-785-2645
Sexual Misconduct Resources -
Status of Women in Medicine (SWIM)
Veterinary Clinical Services 203-785-2501
Office of Communications Web Support & Services 203-737-7932
Yale Medicine 1-877-Yale-MDs (925-3637)
University Police 203-432-4400