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One-year Fellowships

The Medical School encourages students to consider a fifth year devoted to research. This one-year fellowship is facilitated by charging no tuition for the extra year and by the provision of a limited number of stipends that can be paid to students. Approximately 15-25 students per year receive competitive one-year medical student research fellowships funded by internal and external sources. All stipends are paid directly to the student and are considered taxable income. Students in their third year of medical school are eligible to apply.


To apply for a Yale sponsored one-year fellowship, follow the instructions in the application.


Yale Sponsored One-year Fellowship Application

Important Note: If you are interested in applying to any of the one year medical student research fellowships, please contact Anne Kellett at at least 4 weeks before the institutional fellowship deadline as there may be additional forms that are required to be completed through Yale's Office of Sponsored Projects before the fellowship application can be submitted to the funding agency. Also, all applications require a progress letter from the academic advisor. Students should contact their academic advisor at least one month prior to the fellowship deadline.

Deadlines/Important Dates

Application Deadline for Yale Sponsored One-year Fellowship

Please contact the Office of Student Research for the deadline at or 203-785-6633.

Orientation meeting: Medical students who are awarded fully funded one year medical student research fellowships are required to attend an orientation meeting in July/August. Faculty mentors are also required to attend.


Office of Student Research Sponsored Fellowships

The Office of Student Research has funds to support a limited number of students through Yale sponsored fellowships. A separate application is required. For additional information please contact the Office of Student Research.

Externally Sponsored Fellowships

Domestic Fellowships

Fellowships YSM Internal Due Date Institution Deadline
Benjamin Fox Orthopaedic Scholar Award N/A TBD
YCCI Multidisciplinary Pre-Doctoral Training Program N/A March 10, 2023
NIH Medical Research Scholars Program N/A January 6, 2023
NIH-NIDDK Medical Student Research Training Program TBD
Sarnoff Award N/A Jan. 11, 2023
Poggi Pediatric Orthopaedics Research Fellowship N/A December 31, 2022
American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship Two weeks prior to sponsor deadline
September 7, 2022
American Society of Hematology Physician-Scientist Career Development Award Jan. 14, 2023
Feb. 1, 2023
Otolaryngology T32 Predoctoral Fellowship at Washington U. St. Louis NA TBD
Spine Research Fellowship at Johns Hopkins N/A TBD
NEW! The Physician-Scientist Support Foundation: Please reach out to Anne Kellett at least 30 days prior to the OSR deadline. November 30, 2022 January 11, 2023
Massachusetts General Hospital Research Fellowship Department of Orthopaedic Surgery - Sports Medicine & Joint Reconstruction N/A December 2nd, 2022 for priority consideration. A second deadline of January 20th, 2023 will be available for those who could not apply for priority consideration, but the position is not guaranteed to still be available on January 20th.
JH Milstone Grant. Please contact Richard Carr for additional information. ( N/A Letter of intent by March 1, 2023. Full application by May 1, 2023.
Orthopaedic Value-Based Health Care Fellowship at UT-Austin N/A January 16, 2023

International Fellowships

Fellowships OSR Deadline Institution Deadline
Global Health Equity Scholars Program N/A November 20, 2022
Fulbright: supports one year of graduate-level research whether as part of formal degree programs or individual research projects in many of over 140 countries. Eligibility: U.S. citizens. For further information click here. N/A October 11, 2022
Luce: supports one year internships, including medical research, in Asia for applicants with little or no experience in Asia. Eligibility: U.S. citizens; not older than 29 years of age. For further information click here and on "Luce" above. N/A October 15, 2022
NIH-Marshall: supports 2-3 years of graduate-level research or study in any degree program in the U.K. Features special partnerships with Imperial College, London, and U.S. National Institutes of Health, among others. Eligibility: U.S. citizens; up until three years after graduating from their undergraduate institution. *For consideration, Yale endorsement is required by August 15, 2022. For further information, click here.
N/A August 15, 2022*
Rhodes: supports 1-3 years of graduate-level research or study in any degree program at Oxford. Eligibility: restricted to citizens of the U.S., selected British Commonwealth countries, and Germany. U.S. applicants may be no older than 24 years of age. *For consideration, Yale endorsement is required by August 15, 2022. For further information, click here.
N/A August 15, 2022*

MD/MHS Degree Program Information

Medical students who are awarded a fully funded one year medical student research fellowship and plan to apply to the joint MD/MHS degree program should review the requirements. Please note the dates of the required, in-person coursework and plan accordingly. Only medical students who are awarded one year medical student research fellowships are eligible to apply to the joint MD/MHS degree program.