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Student Research

At Yale, medical student research is both integral to and integrated into your education. We consider student research to be so fundamental that it has been embedded in our curriculum for almost two centuries. In fact, we are one of the few medical schools in the U.S. that require students to complete a dissertation based on original research.

Student Research Timeline

Support Networks for Student Research

Working under the guidance of faculty renowned in their fields, opportunities abound for you to investigate the questions that matter to you. Whether your work is based in a laboratory, the clinic, or the community, as a medical student you’ll have access to cutting-edge research facilities and faculty experts who are committed to mentoring you and welcoming you into a community of scientists.

How the Curriculum Supports Student Research

Yale’s commitment to research as a central component of medical education is reflected by the curriculum and aspects outlined below.

  1. The long tradition of medical student research at Yale with a M.D. thesis requirement is unique.
  2. There is an established tradition for Yale faculty to welcome students as colleagues in a community of scientists.
  3. There is a high student/faculty ratio with only 100-105 students per class.
  4. The Yale System provides students with the time, flexibility, and mentorship support that fosters outstanding research.
  5. The lack of competition for grades through Yale’s use of pass/fail and unsigned examinations in preclinical courses is unique.
  6. The deep pool of role models and mentors fosters intellectual and professional development of future clinicians and physician scientists in all domains.
  7. The vast majority of faculty members in both basic science and clinical departments are located within a 6-block medical center campus contiguous with Yale-New Haven Hospital, facilitating students’ access to mentors, laboratories, and research groups.
  8. Finally, YSM recruits an outstanding body of students who at the time of matriculation are aware of the expectations for rigorous, reproducible, and creative scholarly work.

For close to two centuries, this system has inspired the careers of numerous Yale Medical Students and continues to do so to this day.