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Student Research

At Yale, medical student research is both integral to and integrated into your education. Explore our website to learn about the student research experience, including our strong mentorship culture and the expansive opportunities to engage in research throughout your time at YSM.

Student Research Timeline


Before you matriculate at Yale School of Medicine: Participate in an in-person summer research program at Yale—START@Yale

Research Didactics

During your first year: Courses that prepare you to perform high-quality research

First-year Medical Student Summer Research

After your first year: Spend the summer conducting funded research

Short-term Research

Years 3, 4, & 5: Conduct 4 to 12 weeks of full-time research

One-year Fellowships

5th Year: Spend a tuition-free “5th year” (before your final 4th year) conducting research

MD Thesis

4th Year: Information about the MD Thesis, including when to start and important milestones and deadlines!

Support Networks for Student Research

Working under the guidance of faculty renowned in their fields, opportunities abound for you to investigate the questions that matter to you. Whether your work is based in a laboratory, the clinic, or the community, as a medical student you’ll have access to cutting-edge research facilities and faculty experts who are committed to mentoring you and welcoming you into a community of scientists.