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Services & Facilities

The Yale Center for Healthcare Simulation (YCHS) provides comprehensive simulation services for members of the Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS) and Yale School of Medicine (YSM). We function in a consultative capacity, and develop partnerships with content experts to design interventions based on healthcare provider needs. We offer a wide range of simulation-based services including education and training, evaluation and assessment, facility design and testing, environmental and workflow analysis, systems integration, and device testing, as well as educational research opportunities. Our simulation opportunities include both mannequin-based fully interactive simulators and simulated participants.

Collaborating on Curricular Design

Simulation Center
Based on needs analyses, we collaborate with healthcare providers to design educational initiatives tailored to meet learner needs and achieve intended outcomes that emphasize patient safety. Together, we develop curricula, create scenarios, construct evaluation and assessment tools, and support providers through implementation in the simulation laboratory or in-situ.

Implementation & Debriefing

Curriculum Design

We have a library of over 500 scenarios that we can tailor to your goals and objectives. Dedicated simulation faculty with expertise in scenario design and debriefing skills, guide users through scenarios. In addition, our team has created solutions to bring simulation to the actual clinical environments allowing native teams to practice in-situ.


YCHS simulation experts assist clients during the implementation phase. Our operations specialists provide technical expertise including running technology during simulation. Our learning consultants are available to help faculty and facilitators during prebrief and debrief.


YCHS utilizes the 3D Model to ensure that faculty follow a structured debriefing format. Faculty/facilitators are required to participate in a debriefing course so that they are capable of managing the post simulation discussion. YCHS goal is for learners to be able to transfer knowledge gained in simulation into clinical practice.

Learner Audiences

Our education and training programs reach all levels of learners, from students and residents learning new skills, to expert professionals practicing high-risk, low frequency procedures. Inter-professional training offers the opportunity to practice both clinical and critical teamwork and communication skills. Our safe, structured learning environment fosters the development and maintenance of all of these skills, and supports our goal to become a high reliability organization.

Systems Analysis

The YCHS also offers a variety of simulation-based systems analysis services. Human factors engineers apply simulation strategies to new facility design and testing, perform environmental and workflow analysis, and integrate new systems into an already complex health care system. These programs target the identification of latent safety threats and our team works with providers to produce system improvements. Simulations range from table-top workflow analysis and physical environment mock-ups, to patient care scenarios. Simulation-based systems analysis is recommended for testing changes in system components including new device integration, environment design/redesign, and changes in workflow.

Simulation Space

The Yale Center for Healthcare Simulation occupies 13,000 square feet and our flexible simulation environments contain replicas of an ED/ICU/ward, trauma resuscitation bay, pediatric/newborn unit and operating room and can be configured to recreate all types of clinical care areas, including both inpatient and outpatient care areas.

Each space is outfitted with mannequin-based fully interactive simulators and advanced professional audiovisual equipment to record simulation activities for onsite or remote review.

A conference room and adjacent classrooms with a real-time video feed from the simulation rooms accommodate large group debriefings and are designed to enable participants to have the opportunity to reflect on their performance in an interactive debriefing session following the simulation scenario.

Simulator Equipment

The simulation team is proud to feature a comprehensive array of part-task trainers and full-body human patient simulators including neonatal, infant, pediatric, adult and birthing patient simulators. All simulators are fully portable. During the design process, our team of experts helps clients determine the most appropriate technology, equipment, and location to achieve intended goals.

Trainees and other health professionals have the opportunity to address end-of-life issues, informed consent, and hands-on training in a safe space.


Yale Center for Healthcare Simulation
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