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Integrated Clerkships

The integrated Clerkships feature longer interdisciplinary clerkship blocks with opportunities for continuity, flexibility and integration. These 12-week Clerkship blocks are organized around themes:

  • The Medical Approach to the Patient (Internal Medicine and Neurology),
  • The Surgical Approach to the Patient (Surgery and Emergency Medicine),
  • Women and Children’s Health (Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics), and
  • Biopsychosocial Approach to Health, (Primary Care, Psychiatry and Pediatrics).

Each block begins with a shared “Precede” experience to that brings all students together to focus on topics and skills that build developmentally as the year progresses. Following the Shared precede period, students will enter their respective clerkship blocks where they will begin with a “boot camp” that focuses on knowledge, skills and behaviors specifically related to the specialties featured in that clerkship.

Click here for the Medical Student Clerkship Evaluation Form

Director of Clerkships

David Hersh, MD/PhD is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Hospital Medicine). He also serves as the Director of Clerkships.

Clinical Training

“It’s one thing to learn things in books, but to see them come to life in patients…really reaffirmed what I went into medicine for in the first place.”

~Robert Rock MD '18