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Yale Center for Healthcare Simulation


The mission of the Yale Center for Healthcare Simulation is to provide excellent patient care through innovative medical education, assessment, research, systems integration and outreach. Our state-of-the-art center strives to provide members of Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS) and Yale School of Medicine (YSM) communities with an ideal learning environment that fosters self-reflection, mutual respect and an integrated, interdisciplinary team spirit in order to optimize healthcare delivery and engender a culture committed to patient safety. The Yale Center for Healthcare Simulation promotes the acquisition of basic and advanced clinical skills that are essential for healthcare providers to master for both supervised and independent practice. It also offers a variety of simulation-based systems analysis services in order to apply simulation strategies to new facility design and testing, perform environmental and workflow analysis, and integrate new systems into an already complex healthcare system. The simulation center contributes to YNHHS/YSM’s research mission by identifying more effective educational methods and evaluation tools as well as using simulation technology to answer the most pressing issues in healthcare. The Yale Center for Healthcare Simulation is also committed to providing educational research opportunities to all members of the Yale healthcare community.
  • Education & Research

    The Yale Center for Healthcare Simulation (YCHS) is a safe space for learning, where mistakes can be a learning tool, for medical students, physician associate students, and residents. Medical students gain hands-on experience and participate in various simulations starting with their first course, through the Capstone course in their final year, where they have the opportunity to participate in a simulation that provides the experience of being the only intern on the floor while taking care of patients on an overnight rotation.

    All members of the Yale School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Health System medical community have access to the simulation lab for research purposes..

    Education & Research

  • Simulated Participants

    Yale School of Medicine’s Simulated Participant (SP) Program provides learners at any level with a safe and effective space in which to acquire and practice their skills. The SP Program has expertise in designing and implementing training scenarios as well as case and character development to meet your learning objectives and program goals.

    We employ a diverse population of SPs to ensure learners receive training on engaging with the wide range of people they will interact with in practice.

    Simulated Participants

  • Our Services & Facilities

    Our simulation-based services including education and training, evaluation and assessment, facility design and testing, environmental and workflow analysis, systems integration, device testing, and educational research opportunities.

    Our state-of-the-art center promotes the acquisition of basic and advanced clinical skills that are essential for trainees and health professionals to master.

    Services & Facilities

SSIH Accreditation

Yale Center for Healthcare Simulation (YCHS) is located at 728 and 730 Howard Avenue in New Haven, CT. YCHS is fully accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare in all five categories: education, assessment, research, fellowship and systems integration.