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PA Program Student Budgets

Physician Associate Program Budget

The total cost of attendance includes tuition, room and board, books, transportation, health insurance and other expenses. Summary of academic year current and past cost of attending the Physician Associate Program. The total 2023-24 academic year cost of the First Year School of Medicine's PA program is $78,861.

Physician Assistant Online Program Budget

The budget provides a summary of the costs, for each academic year, for students in the Yale Physician Assistant Online Program. The estimated cost of the tuition and fees for the 28-month program, for students beginning in January 2023, is $111,784. Tuition, activity fees, and technology fees are remitted directly to Yale University. (Other expenses such as books, health insurance, transportation, and room and board are indirect, and vary among participants based on where a student resides.) Please note that tuition rates are reassessed each academic year, and modest annual increases are common in the fall. Therefore, the cost of attendance is an estimate and is subject to change.

Students are responsible for all costs associated with remote sites, such as travel, housing, and meals.