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Scholarship & Loans


The School of Medicine is committed to providing as much scholarship aid as possible to students in need. Most School of Medicine scholarship funds come from income generated by the school’s endowment. Students may also receive scholarships specifically defined to cover their education costs, such as the MD/PhD program, an Armed Forces Scholarship, the National Health Service Corps Scholarship or the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship. Such scholarships increase the student's available resources, which in turn decreases the student's need.

Scholarships from other outside sources will reduce first the parent and student contributions and then the loan obligations in the financial aid package, starting with the loan with the least favorable terms. Only after all loan obligations have been eliminated, will the outside scholarship affect the Yale scholarship award.

For more information, please visit the Scholarship Information page.


There are several loans used at YSM to help students fund their educations. There are federal loans such as the Federal Direct Unsubsidized and Direct Graduate Plus Loan program. Students may also qualify for Yale Loans. More detailed information regarding the various loan programs can be found here.

Do You Need Accessibility Help?

If you need assistance with any of the resources on this page, please reach out directly to:

Jennifer Pozika
Senior Administrative Assistant
Office of Financial Aid
Yale Medical School

Telephone: 203.785.3172
Fax: 203.436.9762