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Academic Support

Yale School of Medicine provides a strong network of support for each student’s academic progress from matriculation through graduation and beyond. Explore this site to learn more about the programs and services offered.
  • Yale School of Medicine recognizes the special importance of academic advising and career counseling for medical students. The Academic Advising Program provides academic and career guidance to medical students while contributing to their professional development

  • Our Academic Support Team collaborates with and advocates for students in whatever capacity they need…
  • In July of the fourth year, students who are planning to graduate should sign up with the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). In February, students will give the NRMP their lists of residency programs in which they’re interested. Any student who decides to take a fifth year or chooses a career that doesn’t require residency training may withdraw from the match.
  • The Registrar provides a range of services for students and administrators at the medical school in the areas of academic records, student status, registration, enrollment, scheduling clerkships and electives, transcripts, degree verification, and contact information.