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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services are offered?

We offer short-term individual therapy – including consultation and counseling in a clinical or wellness setting. We offer wellness programming including groups and workshops.

The licensed mental health professionals in the YSM Program work in collaboration with Yale Health Mental Health & Counseling at 55 Locke St. Students with insurance through Yale Health found in need of additional mental health treatment are referred to that program. The YSM Student Mental Health & Wellness Program provides consultation and brief intervention services. It is not designed for long-term support and care.

  • Wellness counseling includes support with mindfulness and meditation, coping skill development, and establishment of self-care and healthy habits. Please note that wellness sessions do not constitute counseling sessions.
What types of problems or concerns is this program appropriate for?
We are able to provide short-term treatment to address mild-to-moderate severity symptoms (e.g., depressed mood or anxiety) or acute adjustment issues (e.g., role stress, grief, relationship changes). The program is not designed for long-term support and care.
Does this program provide medication or ongoing psychotherapy?
If you have a history of mental health treatment and believe medication and/or long-term psychotherapy may be needed in your situation, you should contact Yale Health Mental Health & Counseling directly, if you have insurance through Yale Health, or your own health care provider if you have alternative insurance.
Can I talk to someone immediately if I am experiencing a crisis?
Our program does not provide crisis intervention services. If you are having a mental health emergency that requires immediate support, you should call Yale Health Mental Health & Counseling, if you have insurance through Yale Health. Call 203-432-0290 during regular business hours, and call 203-432-0123 after-hours to reach Acute Care. If you do not have insurance through Yale Health, you should contact your own health care provider.
How long are the sessions?

Counseling sessions range from 30-45 minutes and Wellness sessions are 30 minutes.

How do I schedule a session?

Scheduling is through Microsoft Bookings.

We will be available at varying times during the day, as well as outside of the traditional 9:00 am-5:00 pm, Monday-Friday model, especially for students on clerkships who may have more limited availability.

In-person appointments are available on Mondays through Thursdays. (When you make your appointment using the Bookings site, please note that you would like an in-person session.)

If you do not see a time that works for you, please reach out by email ( or and we will see what can be arranged. Virtual drop-in appointments also are available if you need a day-of appointment.

Which staff can I see?

If you are not sure if you should schedule a counseling appointment with Lisa or a wellness appointment with Sundari, just reach out to one of us and we will help you determine who would be the best fit for your needs.

State-of-residence limitation: Please note, Lisa (our social worker) is licensed in Connecticut and New York. Therefore, if you do not reside in CT or NY, Lisa is limited to providing a one-time consultation.

Is what we discuss private? Will it affect my ability to get licensed/find a residency?
We are HIPAA compliant. In order for us to share any information related to our conversations with you, a release of information must be signed by you. Any information shared in session is confidential unless there is an immediate threat to your safety or others. We document our health and wellness contacts with you in a record keeping system that is separate from your regular health record in Epic. All notes will be paper notes, which will be secured and destroyed within 7-8 years.