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To all interested authors: Starting in June 2015, YJBM began devoting entire issues to its focus topics. This means that all manuscripts in an issue will be related to the focus topic. As a result, we will not be considering off-topic manuscripts. Please keep an eye out for our future focus topics, and thank you for your understanding.

Upcoming focus topics:

  • June 2018: Nutrition and Food Science
  • September 2018: Medical Technology
  • December 2018: Ecology and Evolution
  • March 2019: Attention Science
Vol. 91 Issue 1 - March 2018

Perception relies on sensory systems and along with pain, supplies our mind with information to conceive reality. The topics of sensory biology and pain intersect with disciplines from sociology and psychology to neuroscience and addiction medicine. Today, understanding the function and dysfunction of our senses and the sources of pain remains an important area of research, especially given the ongoing opioid epidemic in the United States. Despite these pressing problems, all can appreciate the exquisite manifestation of our perception from intricate and delicate neural structures, protracting from the single-cell and sprouting into integrated networks to give rise to perception at a whole-body scale. Serving as the inspiration for this issue’s cover art, the neuroscientist Santiago Ramón y Cajal, reminds us that thinking about sensory biology and pain ought to involve appreciation of the art hidden within our minds. Original cover design by Peter Harris. Caption by Neal G. Ravindra. Deputy Editors: Neal G. Ravindra and Peijia Yuan.

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