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Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine (YJBM)

YJBM COVID-19 Statement

YJBM will not be accepting COVID-19 related research at this time. It is critical for COVID-19-related research to be published and freely available as quickly as possible. Due to editorial constraints, including our volunteer editorial staff and existing quarterly issue schedule, we do not feel that we can publish COVID-19 research with the necessary urgency. Therefore, we would encourage prospective authors to submit their research to another journal that would be able to fast-track its publication.

YJBM is honored by the authors that consider publishing with us, and we hope to work with you in the future. Our full list of upcoming issues is on our website. If you would be interested in writing a manuscript for one of YJBM's future issues, please contact

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine is a PubMed-indexed, open access, quarterly journal edited by Yale medical, graduate, and professional students and peer reviewed by an extensive network of experts in the fields of biology and medicine. The journal aims to showcase outstanding research articles from all areas of biology and medicine, to publish significant case reviews, and to provide both perspectives on personal experiences in medicine and reviews of the current state of biology and medicine.

To all interested authors: Starting in June 2015, YJBM began devoting entire issues to its focus topics. This means that all manuscripts in an issue will be related to the focus topic. As a result, we will not be considering off-topic manuscripts. Please keep an eye out for our future focus topics, and thank you for your understanding.

Upcoming focus topics:

  • June 2021: Zoonotic Disease (submission deadline: December 1st, 2020)
  • September 2021: Health Equity (submission deadline: March 1st, 2021)
  • December 2021: Rare Disease (submission deadline: June 1st, 2021)
  • March 2022: Science of Stress (submission deadline: September 1st, 2021)

YJBM March 2021: Focus: Preventive Medicine

Original cover design by Peter Harris. Caption by Calvin Fang. Deputy Editors: Faith Crittenden and Calvin Fang.

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Deputy Editors
Faith Crittenden and Calvin Fang

Editors picks for the current issue:

Undiagnosed Hypertension and Undiagnosed Type 2 Diabetes among Overweight and Obese Marshallese Participants in a Diabetes Prevention Program
Pearl A. McElfish, Aaron J. Scott, Harish E. Chatrathi, Brett Rowland, Christopher R. Long, Nirav Nagarsheth, Mikaila Calcagni, Jay Patolia, Lauren K. Haggard-Duff, James P. Selig

Assessing the Social Influences, Self-Esteem, and Stress of High School Students Who Vape
Vedika Jha, Alan Kraguljac

About the Cover Image for Volume 94, Issue 1

Medicine is about managing illnesses and injuries and the ideal cure would be their prevention. Here, the cover art shows healthcare practitioners and others who work in preventive medicine providing support and resources to avoid the rain which symbolizes various ailments and maladies one may experience. Original cover design by Peter Harris.

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