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Program & Faculty Development

Faculty Development Series for Instructors

This Faculty Development series reflects our firm commitment to support you in your efforts to provide experiential learning opportunities for clinicians throughout the Yale New Haven Health System and Yale School of Medicine. Using simulation as an education tool is a dynamic process that requires:

  • technical expertise in simulator equipment
  • knowledge of how to create an environment conducive to learning
  • keen awareness of and ability to observe specific behaviors within clinical scenarios and at the bedside
  • an acumen of debriefing strategies to prompt self-reflection on the part of the learners
  • tools to assess the impact of your educational interventions

We have created a step-wise curriculum that will provide the skills you need to succeed. To ensure quality of our training programs, we require all faculty to participate in Introduction to Simulation and Debriefing.

Introduction to Simulation and Debriefing

(CME credits are available)

This one-day course builds from the ground up, beginning with the elements of simulation-based education with adult learning principles in order to provide the clinician educator with a strong foundation and structure for creating experiential learning opportunities.

Other course objectives cover practice simulation, including scenario design and implementation, as well as effective debriefing. The course is interactive and allows opportunity for practice and prompt application.

Courses may be held virtually via Zoom from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., or live at the YCHS (728/730 Howard Avenue, New Haven), from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. A decision will be made prior to each course.

Advanced Debriefing Seminar Series

Debriefing requires skill and lots of practice. To provide more practice opportunities, we have developed a seminar series that includes five three-hour sessions which examine several debriefing models and delve deeper into specific skills and strategies. Learners may participate in any or all sessions, in any order, following completion of Introduction to Simulation and Debriefing. Come explore with us.
  • Promoting Excellence and Reflective Learning in Simulation Framework (PEARLS)
    This session introduces Promoting Excellence and Reflective Learning in Simulation Framework (PEARLS) and reinforces the importance of observation skills to prompt reflection. PEARLS is a blended learning approach that can be used flexibly for novice to expert learners.
  • After Action Review (AAR)
    This session presents the AAR for health care debriefing model. It also reinforces the importance of observation skills to prompt reflection. Participants will also practice incorporating video into debriefing.
  • Deliberative Practice and Coaching
    This session teaches the technique of reflection-in-action, as opposed to reflection-on-action. Participants explore techniques and considerations for pausing simulations to reflect on decision-making in the moment.
  • Engaging the Challenging Learner
    This session explores techniques and strategies for engaging the challenging learner. A guest faculty member from the IFE will discuss skills from Crucial Conversations that can be applied to debriefing in simulation.
  • Video-Based Debriefing
    This session will explore techniques for using video to augment debriefing discussions. Learners will have opportunities to practice incorporating video using several debriefing models.

Program Development

The Yale Center for Healthcare Simulation is a resource for the entire YNHHS and YSM. Anyone proposing a simulation-based initiative must complete and submit an online Simulation Application.

Review Process

  • Proposals are reviewed on a weekly basis by the Executive Director of the YCHS, educators, and specialists. If the proposal is accepted, one of the educators will contact you within 10 business days to coordinate an initial meeting.
  • If a program is accepted, those who will be teaching are required to participate in our faculty development class to learn how to effectively utilize the YCHS. This class should be completed prior to implementing a simulation. Visit our Faculty Development page for more information.