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Student Life

The Yale School of Medicine (YSM) curriculum is integrated with experience outside of the curriculum, including a broad array of student affinity and interest groups, and a connected community in New Haven.

Roughly 18% of New Haven’s population are foreign-born, with the largest numbers of immigrants coming from Mexico, China, and Ecuador—and 72% of its residents are people of color. The city's diverse population will enrich your experience as a student by providing opportunities to care for the community's diverse patient population.

In your downtime, you'll find that New Haven provides the full experience of urban life—a vibrant downtown with restaurants, shops, and nightclubs; numerous museums, theaters, and music venues; accessible public transportation and a variety of housing options; parks and bike trails—all on a scale that makes it affordable, walkable, and possible for students to feel a part of the community.

We encourage all students to reach out to our educational leaders and faculty, join affinity groups, participate in community volunteer opportunities, find support, and get connected.