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Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile (PUC)

Santiago, Chile

Primary Care

PUC, a private not-for-Profit University in Santiago, Chile, that includes health professional schools in the fields of medicine, nursing, and dentistry. The medical school, which is viewed as the top school in the country, has established relationships with other institutions in South America as well as worldwide, and is currently part of an international seven school educational consortium directed by the ECFMG. The medical school has a seven year curriculum whereby students enter after high school and receive elements of undergraduate education combined with a foundation in biomedical science. The medical students have a gradually increasing clinical experience and the final two years are referred to as internship and resemble the clinical rotations during the latter years at Yale School of Medicine. Yale students will work in teams that include interns (6th and 7th year students) from PUC as attending physicians, in a manner similar to that in the US. Many of the senior leaders in the school received some of their medical education outside of the Chile, collaborate with colleagues in the US, are quite attuned to the educational curriculum for students in the US, and have fostered relationships with other institutions.

At PUC, there would be an opportunity to participate in a health care system that is organized in a manner that is different from the US and to experience family-based primary care for large populations of patients, emergency care in a large public hospital, or primary care in a private teaching clinic with resources very much focused on the education of students. Students must speak Spanish on an intermediate-advanced level or higher, language assessment required. Clinical rotations at PUC are 4 weeks long.


  • August (David) Oddleifson

2021 and 2020

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  • Sophia Shimmer


  • Aimee Alphonso
  • Adam Brownstein
  • Julia Raney


  • Alexander Domingo
  • Kayleigh Herrick-Reynolds
  • Talia Robledo-gil
  • James Smithy


  • Jacob Siegel


  • Natalie Lastra
  • Olga Laur