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Performance Improvement

The Academic Support Team collaborates with and advocates for students in whatever capacity they need, including clinical skills development and standardized test-taking. By fostering a warm learning climate, reinforcing a growth mindset, and creatively utilizing a wide range of resources, this team helps students create and follow through on individualized learning plans that help them meet their academic goals.

Thilan Wijesekera, MD, MHS
Director of Performance Improvement

Learning Specialist

  • Learning Specialist

    Our learning specialist, Andrea Amado, is a resource for any student, to help support students in their learning endeavors including the Master Courses and USMLE test preparation.

Peer Study Tutor Program

The Peer Study Tutor Program aims to support student success through peer tutors. Tutors strive to identify strategies to improve learning in order to increase knowledge and confidence around particular areas of study.

Requesting a Tutor

The academic demands of the medical school are rigorous, and with so many claims on your time, it’s not unusual to occasionally feel the need for a little extra help. If you would like to be matched with an individual tutor, please speak with the head of your advisory college or the learning specialist, who will find an appropriate tutor. Requesting a tutor does not become part of your student record and is strictly confidential.

Students are matched with a pre-approved tutor and notified by email to set up a meeting time.

  • Students may be tutored in more than one course. The same tutor may be able to help with two courses, but another tutor will be assigned if necessary.
  • Tutoring can continue for the semester or last only a few weeks, depending on the need.
  • Students who use tutors will be asked to evaluate their experiences at the end of every semester.

Becoming a Tutor

Student tutors will be trained in teaching techniques in order to work one-on-one with medical students in this role. Teaching is an integral part of medicine and teaching skills will be beneficial to students as they work toward residency. Leadership roles are available; four students will be chosen as Peer Study Tutor Directors and will be trained by the Center for Medical Education to train other student tutors and to be available as a resource.

  • The Office of Student Affairs will put out a call for tutors annually in the late spring.
  • A training and information session will be held with the Student Tutor Directors for potential tutors. This session is mandatory.
  • Tutors are paid $20.00 per hour.