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Pre-clerkship Curriculum

Photo by Robert A. Lisak

The Integrated Basic & Clinical Science Curriculum includes eight Master Courses, four Longitudinal Courses, and nine Longitudinal Threads, as well as early clinical experiences, spread out over the first eighteen months of study for all medical students.

The Integrated Basic & Clinical Science Courses include:

Eight Master Courses

The master courses provide the foundational building blocks of medical and scientific knowledge. The courses range from two to 11 weeks.

Four Longitudinal Courses

Longitudinal Courses extend across and run concurrently with Master Courses. Content in Longitudinal Courses complements material in the Master Courses. Each Longitudinal Course lasts 4 to 8 months.

Nine Longitudinal Threads

Longitudinal Threads represent key scientific and social disciplines whose content is fundamental to the Master Courses. Content from Longitudinal Threads are woven into the curriculum of the Master Courses and Clerkships.

Pre-Clerkship Curriculum Co-Directors

Manager of Pre-Clerkship Course Curriculum