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Staying for a Fifth Year

A student may choose to take an additional year of medical school to do a Full Year of Research, a Joint Degree or a Flexible Fifth Year (Clinical Rotations +Research + Other Academic Activities), provided that a significant portion of the year is related to medical education or another degree. While a “5th year” is permitted, a 6th year is not without prior approval of the Progress Committee.

A student on extended study (“5th year student”) is considered a full-time, enrolled student and therefore, has the same privileges as any other enrolled medical student; including continuation of health insurance, loan deferrals, ID access within the medical school, medical malpractice and disability insurance coverage.

Tuition Payment Options for Fifth Year Students

Flexible Fifth Year, Fully Funded Year & MD/MHS Students

  1. You pay full tuition in 5th year (fourth chronological year) and a registration fee in 4th year (fifth chronological year).
  2. You pay split tuition in 5th year and 4th year. Billed one-half of the current rate of tuition and one-half of the current rate of the registration fee per semester over a two year period.
NOTE: Full tuition, split tuition or the registration fee is billed in the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Joint Degree Program Students at Yale (MD/MHS students excluded)

Tuition is paid to the other Yale school as the primary school of enrollment. No tuition is paid to the medical school as the secondary school of enrollment. Financial aid must be arranged through the other Yale school.

Dual Degree Program Students at an Away Institution

Tuition is paid to the away institution and a registration fee is paid to the medical school in each semester. Financial aid must be arranged through the away institution.
Students who have financial aid, loans or scholarships should speak directly to the Office of Financial Aid to see which tuition payment option would be best suited for you.
Tel: 203-785-2645.

Extended Study/Change of Class Form

Students planning to take a fifth year to complete a year of extended study are required to complete the online Extended Study/Change of Class Form during the spring semester of third year.

The target deadline to submit the form is mid-April. Any forms received after this deadline will be billed full tuition for the 5th year (extended study year) and billed the registration fee in the next academic year. The option to split tuition will no longer be available to those students whose form is received after the deadline.