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Peer Advocate Program


The Peer Advocates program was created to provide students with non-threatening peer listeners who are available at any time of day or night, to confidentially discuss strategies, reality-test, brainstorm solutions when encountered with challenging personal, academic, or professional situations and point students in the direction of appropriate resources.

Program History

The Peer Advocate program was created in 2000 by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and several medical students. The primary goal of the program was to provide students with accessible and non-threatening trained peer listeners who could also facilitate access to support services such as medical care, counseling, and resources to aid victims of sexual harassment and assault.

Meet Your Peer Advocates

We are medical students chosen by our classmates during the first year of medical school for being approachable, trustworthy, mature, thoughtful and discerning - qualities that hopefully allow us to be good listeners and trusted confidants. The nomination process does not permit campaigning. We serve our fellow students for the duration of medical school.

Peer Advocates (by chronological year)