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Mettapracharak (Wat Rai Khing) Hospital


Mettapracharak (Wat Rai Khing) Hospital is located in Nakornprathom province, adjacent to Bangkok, and approximately 40 minutes’ drive west of the city center. This province is well known for a number of historic sites, including Wat Rai Khing temple. Mettapracharak hospital is administratively part of the Department of Medical Services at the Ministry of Public Health.

The ophthalmology elective is offered to one or two Yale students at any given time, for a minimum of 6 weeks during which they would be paired with an ophthalmology resident from Mettapracharak hospital. The students will observe and participate in the care of the patients to the extent of their abilities, participating in rounds and other clinical activities including observation in the operating rooms. They will have the opportunity to develop hand-on surgical skills in the well-equipped microsurgery training center. They will also accompany the frequent outreach mission throughout Thailand when they occur during the rotation. Transportation on these missions will be provided by the hospital. Students are required to complete the 4-week Ophthalmology Elective at Yale prior to the elective in Thailand.


2021 and 2020

Site Closed due to Covid-19 Pandemic


  • Angela Gauthier
  • Anand Gopal


  • Jessica Chen
  • Jenny Dohlman
  • Wendy Li
  • Nathan Pirakitkulr


  • Bethlehem Mekonnen
  • Peter Zhao


  • Wei Gui
  • Haben Kefella


  • Julius Oatts