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Renovation & Expansion of Student Space!

We are excited to be creating more storage, study, relaxation, and recreation space for students! The school completed a study of student spaces in fall 2022, and selected an architectural firm with expertise in medical education to begin design plans with robust student input. To accommodate students’ needs for uninterrupted use of the spaces, construction is scheduled in three phases.

  • Phase 1: Includes renovation of the student gym and study spaces in E.S. Harkness Hall and installation of 130 additional student lockers. Read more about the plans, which are nearing completion!
  • Phase 2: Includes expansion of the student lounge, construction of a new recreational space, and expansion of the gym and gym locker rooms. Scheduled to be completed in winter 2024.
  • Phase 3: Includes new 24/7 study, lounge, and relaxation space in the Cushing Whitney Medical Library. These renovations will take place during summer 2024.

Summer renovations! Harkness Gym, Harkness Mezzanine, Historical Library & Morse Reading Room

We are very excited to announce the start of phase 1 of renovations! The renovations of the Harkness Gym and the Harkness Mezzanine level (where the old pool table sits) will begin on June 26. It is anticipated that the renovations will take approximately 10 weeks, with an expected completion date of September 1, 2023. Additionally, the CWML’s Historical Library and Morse Reading Room are being renovated, also starting June 26, and are expected to reopen in August.

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