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What is the Yale System?

Students have the freedom to build their own paths.

How Does Yale School of Medicine Engage With The New Haven Community?

The New Haven community is such a powerhouse. It’s an incredibly diverse town with a big heart.

Why Doesn’t Yale Have SHELF Exams During Clerkships?

The focus is on students learning what they need to do and developing as physicians at their own pace, not in an atmosphere driven by high stakes exams and tests.

What Are The Clinical Clerkship and Elective Experience at Yale?

We have built electives that have a very wide range of purposes and access to a very wide range of patients and social situations.

What Is DICE (Diversity, Inclusion, Community Engagement and Equity) At Yale?

DICE really makes you feel like you’re welcome here, that you belong here.

What Are The Support Networks for Student Research?

Yale creates a really wonderful and affirming environment for medical student research.

What Are The Opportunities For Student Research?

At Yale, they really encourage you to take any research interests that you have and go forth with them.

What Is The Role of Mentorship In Student Research?

As a mentor, I ask how can I foster that student’s growth and how can I expand their network?