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Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility
Chinle, AZ
Duration: 4 weeks

The Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility (CCHCF) is based in Chinle, Arizona (Northeast Arizona near Canyon De Chelly National Monument). The CCHCF is a 60-bed hospital which serves as the health care hub for the region. The medical staff includes Family Physicians, Internists, Pediatricians, General Surgeons, OB/GYN's, Anesthesiologists, and a Psychiatrist. Health care services are provided to approximately 37,000 active users. Strong Navajo cultural traditions exist within the community, offering an opportunity to learn the Navajo language, or to learn about traditional Navajo medicine.

This Advanced Primary Care Elective is supervised by Steve Williams MD and colleagues provides an opportunity to work with Navajo on the reservation in a rural setting. Students appreciate working with traditional Native American healers in a remote, beautiful landscape, addressing health needs created by poverty and injustice. Clinical rotations at CCHCF are 4 weeks long.