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Sherry McKee, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Yale Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory; Clinical Director, Forensic Drug Diversion Clinic; Director, Yale Program for Sex Differences in Alcohol Use Disorder, Psychiatry

Research Summary

My laboratory has focused on the development of clinical and translational research for addictive disorders, for the purpose of translating these findings into effective therapeutics for women and men.

We have a translational and interdisciplinary team that targets key brain structures, neurochemical systems, HPA-axis activity, neuroimmune function, metabolism, and sex steroid hormones, to identify and develop medications that will be effective for women and men with addictive disorders. Across this work, we incorporate NIH's "sex as a biological variable" (SABV) policy, and have published several reviews and position papers on this topic.

As a relatively newer focus to my research, I develop and implement effective treatments for addiction in criminal justice populations. I lead a federally funded partnership between Yale University, the of Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, and the State of Connecticut Department of Correction, implementing an integrated system of addiction care for adults returning to their communities following incarceration.


Research Interests

Criminal Psychology; Tobacco Use Disorder; Substance-Related Disorders; Alcohol-Related Disorders; Psychiatry and Psychology

Selected Publications

Clinical Trials

ConditionsStudy Title
Addictive BehaviorsCombining Varenicline and Guanfacine for Smoking Cessation
Mental Health & Behavioral ResearchMechanistic Evaluation of Guanfacine on Drinking Behavior
Alcohol Addiction; Mental Health & Behavioral ResearchDoes Propanolol, a Beta Blocker, Attenuate Stress-Induced Drinking?
Alcohol Addiction; Mental Health & Behavioral ResearchThe Effect of Acute Stress and Inflammation on Drinking