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Transfer of Track


Photo by Robert A. Lisak

Ladder track faculty are appointed at the time of hire onto a specific track that reflects the needs of the department that justify and support the faculty position and the expectations for faculty to fulfill those needs as they pursue their careers at Yale. Ideally, the track designation aligns well with the faculty member’s career goals at the time of hire and mentorship is provided to help them achieve success. There are times, however, when faculty priorities, goals and accomplishments evolve in a way that consideration should be given to transfer to a track that better aligns with their career goals. Discussion regarding transfer of track should begin within the department. The OAPD can also provide discussion and counseling.


Faculty at the assistant professor rank may request a transfer of track at any time. In this way, entry-level faculty have flexibility to test their strengths and to define their interests. Transfer of track requires approval by the department and dean's office, and it is made in the context of department needs and the faculty member's qualifications. Certain ladder tracks have limits to the number of years at the assistant professor rank. The years as assistant professor in any track count toward one’s total time in that rank.

Transfer of track is possible at the associate professor rank, but it must be requested ≥ two years before the end of any 5-year term. However, transfer from the rank of associate professor in any track to the Academic Clinician track is not subject to this time limitation provided that the faculty member has achieved excellence as a practitioner in their field and meets the requirements of the associate professor rank in the Academic Clinician track.

Transfer to the Traditional Track is permitted only for faculty who have served at the ranks of assistant professor and associate professor for a total of fewer than eight years. Such requests must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate appointments and promotions committee.

Track changes between the Clinician Educator-Scholar track and the Clinician-Scholar track at the rank of professor are permitted rarely and only with the approval of the dean. A change in career direction after the professor appointment or retrospective concerns that should have been raised at the time of the initial appointment are not sufficient reasons to consider a track change.

Once the decision for transfer of track is made, the Transfer of Track Request (within Ladder Tracks) form should be completed and submitted to OAPD.