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COVID-19 Series Workshops

Yale’s Modeling and Quantitative Science Response to COVID-19

May 21, 2020 1-4pm

Yale University is marshaling the collective resources of medicine, public health, nursing, engineering, and science to innovate research and provide critical patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic. To enhance communication and research connections, we are hosting a series of virtual Dean’s workshops to share data and work collaboratively as a global community to address the crisis. For this workshop, we concentrate on modeling and quantitative science to illuminate trends, evaluate the effectiveness of interventions, and guide decisions for responses to the pandemic. Faculty from the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Engineering and Applied Science, Management, Public Health, and Yale Institute for Global Health will highlight efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic. In lieu of our traditional discussion, a link to an online response thread for your ideas and questions will show up automatically when you leave the meeting and will also be on the Dean's Workshop webpage for a limited time. While the mechanisms are new, this workshop continues our traditional priorities of excellence and dedication. As always, thanks to all for the work that you do to provide our patients, students, and our community with our best efforts and commitment to address this crisis together.