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Faculty Development Programs

The OAPD strives to help faculty achieve their goals as they rise to their potential. In addition to facilitating academic affairs, providing a roadmap of faculty resources, and promoting and supporting academic professionalism, faculty development is central to the mission of our office. Our faculty development efforts and programs are designed to support faculty to succeed and progress through the faculty ranks, as well as prepare established faculty to evolve as leaders representing Yale School of Medicine.

  • There are several awards given yearly to Yale School of Medicine faculty acknowledging their contributions to Yale School of Medicine, Yale Medicine, and beyond.

  • The OAPD offers a number of workshops for faculty.

  • These workshops are designed to enhance the leadership skills and effectiveness and understanding of professionalism of Yale School of Medicine faculty.

  • Guidance from a mentor can be instrumental to the success of faculty. Similarly, providing guidance to a mentee can be remarkably rewarding.

  • Each year there is an orientation for new faculty early in the academic year.
  • Working at Yale School of Medicine is a wonderful opportunity.