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Academic Integrity

Photo by Robert A. Lisak

As members of the Yale School of Medicine community, we have a shared responsibility to foster a climate in which scholarly endeavors and research thrive. The scientific community is built on an expectation of trust and honest inquiry, and we rely on every member of the Yale School of Medicine community to maintain those values. Indeed, academic integrity is a core institutional value at every medical school. We strive to maintain the highest standards of honesty and fairness in our scholarship and research. We respect one another and take responsibility for our conduct. These values govern our community as we work to advance knowledge. Excellent scholarship rests on honest originality, and this honesty takes many forms. It means, among other things, truth in presentation and publication, diligence and precision in citing works and ideas we have used, and acknowledging our collaborations with others. Details on the responsible conduct of research can be found on the It's Your Yale Website.

When there are concerns about the integrity of research or academic inquiry, the School of Medicine takes those concerns seriously and makes every effort to address the concerns expeditiously, constructively, and confidentially. Individuals have multiple options for reporting academic integrity concerns.

Members of the OAPD Academic Professionalism and Leadership Team are also available to consult with anyone who wishes to discuss their concern before bringing it forward formally.

Yale takes care both to create a safe and confidential environment for concerns about academic integrity to be brought forward and also to be thoughtful about the impact of such allegations on both the scientific record and on those conducting the research. To effectively balance these interests, the School of Medicine follows a three-step process to respond to all academic integrity concerns

  1. Initiation
  2. Inquiry
  3. Investigation