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Yale School of Medicine seeks to establish YSM as a destination academic home for women faculty and faculty from underrepresented groups and to be an institution where diversity and excellence are inextricably linked.

We accomplish this through the following strategies:

Strategy 1: Nurture the Pipeline (Residents, Fellows, Postdoctoral Fellows and Associates)

  • Implement plans by clinical departments to attract, recruit, and successfully retain diverse residents and fellows;
  • Maximize recruitment efforts across all residency and fellowship programs through collaboration between the GME director of diversity and Office of DEI;
  • Develop a fellowship-to-faculty program for basic scientists;
  • Pair the fellowship-to-faculty basic scientists cohort with mentor advocates; and
  • Develop a “Seminar by Postdoc Series" for promising non-Yale postdocs to give “Chalk Talks” about their science and desired scientific trajectory as a faculty member.

Strategy 2: Diversify Faculty and Senior Leadership through Proactive Engagement and Recruitment

  • Implement plans by departments to attract, recruit, and successfully retain diverse faculty;
  • Adopt a standardized search process and provide unconscious bias training for search committee members and staff that will support the search;
  • Ensure search committee memberships are broadly representative; and
  • Increase the visibility of YSM open faculty positions to prospective applicants from underrepresented groups through such activities as having a presence at national scientific conference recruitment fairs and by advertising positions in sources with a significant underrepresented groups and/or women readership.

Strategy 3: Maximize the Faculty Excellence and Diversity Fund to Drive Diverse Hires in Strategic Science and Clinical Areas

  • Submit clinical Faculty Excellence and Diversity (FEDI) nominations for appropriate candidates;
  • Submit basic science FEDI nominations for appropriate candidates when there is an open position; and
  • Identify candidates for the Presidential Visiting Fellowship.

Strategy 4: Utilize Grand Rounds, Invited Lectureships, and Departmental Seminar Series for Recruitment

  • Include faculty from underrepresented groups and/or women faculty among faculty invited to give Grand Rounds, named lectureships, and Departmental Seminars; and
  • Develop an optional standardized form on which invited speakers are asked to self-identify gender, race/ethnicity, and other demographics.