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Faculty Advisory Council

The purpose of the FAC is to provide a forum for a diverse group of representatives to bring new ideas and concerns from a broad range of faculty to the Dean’s office. FAC representatives will attend regularly scheduled meetings with YSM administration during the academic year. They will also be responsible for engaging with members of their departments to learn about concerns and issues, and to relay information from the FAC. Listed below are the current FAC members, by department or organization. Listed below each faculty members name is their grouping for the department, if applicable.

Executive Committee

ARS Development and Promotion Committee

  • Chair

    Associate Research Scientist; Co-chair Pediatric Protocol Review Committee, Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI); Member of DEI subcommittee for FAC , Yale School of Medicine; Chair of the A&P and Mentoring ARS Committee, Yale Child Study Center; Member of the FAC executive committee, Yale School of Medicine; Member Human Investigation Committee 4-B, Yale HRPP

Benefits Committee

  • Chair

    Associate Professor of Pediatrics (General Pediatrics); Editor, Yale Primary Care Pediatrics Curriculum; Associate Director for Pediatrics, Medical School Clerkship in Biopsychosocial Approach to Health; Medical Student Coach, Medical Education; Medical Director, School Based Health Centers, Pediatrics; Medical Director, Medical-Legal Partnership Project

Clinical Committee

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Membership Committee

Off-Site (VA, YNHH affiliates) Committee

Bylaws Committee

Research Committee