MD-PhD Program

Unique Features of Our Program

The strength of our Program is the flexibility of the Yale System of medical education and the breadth and depth of the graduate programs at Yale. These programs of medical and graduate education allow MD-PhD students to customize their educational paths.

A special feature of our Program is the requirement that at the end of the second year in the Program, all students participate in 6 months of clinical rotations prior to entering the PhD phase of their training, usually in January of their 3rd year.

The purpose of the 6 months of clinical rotations is three-fold:

  1. To solidify clinical training that occurred during their preclinical clerkships;
  2. Enable students to participate in longitudinal clinics during their PhD years which provides the opportunity to serve as primary care physicians for a group of their own patients;
  3. Provide the continuity and continuing experience with patients that greatly facilitates reentry to the wards following their PhD work.

The MD/PhD Program announces a new podcast: Spectrum

Ever wondered about the professors, post-docs, and graduate students behind the science done at Yale? Spectrum is a new biweekly interview podcast focused on the human aspects of being in STEM. It addresses questions including: How do we foster welcoming lab cultures? What qualities make for a successful graduate career–even when the science doesn’t work? How do our identities intersect with our identification as scientists?

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New BioMed Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship at Yale School of Medicine

Visit the BioMed SURF Website for more information.

For a program application: please email 

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Cooperative Program between University of Puerto Rico Medical School, Yale School of Medicine & Yale Graduate School

The Yale School of Medicine (YSM) is one of the oldest and most prestigious medical schools in the US. Since its inception, basic research has been a strong component of the medical education at Yale University, and this has underwritten decades of innovation, discovery and care in the development of physician-scientists. 

The Medical School at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus (UPR-MSC), located in the US Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is one of the primary Hispanic-serving academic health centers and a referral center for medical care in Latin America and the Caribbean. This is a minority-serving 63 years old institution, and its LCME Accredited medical school program, has trained generations of Hispanic physicians. 

Both institutions are pleased to announce a cooperative program to train physician-scientists from UPR-MSC. We have two goals: to provide strong, Yale-based research training to UPR-MSC MD/PhD students, and to strengthen relationships and opportunities for collaboration between UPR-MSC and Yale.

START@Yale for MD/PhD Students

START@Yale is a program to provide incoming M.D. and MD/PhD students with a mentored research rotation and associated educational and social activities during the summer before the first year. Importantly, START provides the opportunity for MD/PhD students to take an early 8-week research rotation in addition to the two 6-week research rotations normally carried out in the summer between the first and second years.  Click here to see this year's participants!

Elective Graduate Courses during the First Two Years of Medical School

The mission of Yale Medical School is to "train leaders in medicine and in biomedical research".

Our Faculty

The Program is fortunate to have a dedicated group of biomedical scientists on the faculty whose role is to help students applying to the Program in their decision making and after matriculation, to act as faculty mentors for students throughout their stay with us. Attached is a quick glance of our faculty!


Breaking News

CONGRATULATIONS to Diana Yanez and Jon Marquez, recipients of 2018 Soros Fellowships!

CONGRATULATIONS to the following amazing students:

Nashid Chaudhury was awarded an NRSA F30 from the NIH/NIMH 

Angela Le e was awarded an NRSA F30 from the NIH/NIDA 

Alice Lu was awarded an NRSA F30 from the NIH/NICHD 

Mark Youngblood was awarded an NRSA F30 from the NIH/NCI 

Swethasri Dravida was awarded an NRSA F30 from the NIH/NIMH 

Jessica Mino r was awarded a Fellowship from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation 

Irina Krykbaeva was awarded an NRSA F30 from the NIH/NCI 

George Linderman was awarded an NRSA F30 from the NIH/NHGRI

Message from the Director

Kazmierczak Headshot
Barbara Kazmierczak, M.D.,PhD., Director, Associate Professor of Microbial Pathogenesis

The MD-PhD Program at Yale University was established in 1969 and has as its goal the training of physician-scientists who will carry out basic, translational or clinical research that promotes the understanding and treatment of human disease. We welcome students who are ready to accept the challenges, responsibilities and rewards of preparing for careers that make a positive impact on human health and well-being.