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Board of Permanent Officers Committee Overview

Photo by Carissa Violante
Star on Sterling Hall Ceiling

Faculty at the rank of full professor who are appointed without limit of term, together with the President and Provost, ex officiis, and the Dean of the School of Medicine, constitute the School’s Board of Permanent Officers. This is the governing board of the School, entrusted with matters of educational policy and governance and responsible for recommendations to the President and Provost for appointments at the associate professor, professor, clinical professor, and professor adjunct ranks.

The permanent officers may invite other faculty to attend meetings of the Board and to vote on appointments and promotions to ranks below or equal to their own. The Board of Permanent Officers offers such rights to all faculty who hold the ranks of associate professor with tenure, professor in the Academic Clinician Track, and the voluntary rank of clinical professor. In all meetings, action is taken by majority vote of those present and eligible to vote. Emeritus faculty are invited non-voting members of the Board of Permanent Officers.

If you would like to share input or are interested in the work of this committee, please contact the Office of Academic & Professional Development (OAPD).