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Latest DEI News

  • Shattering Glass Ceilings: Three Black Women Surgeons Ascend to Chairs of Departments of Surgery

    Diversification at the highest level of academic surgical leadership is critical in creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment; an environment more reflective of the population whom we as surgeons serve and care for. Until the year 2021, an African American female surgeon had never ascended to the role of Department of Surgery Chair. However, by 2021, not 1 but 3 African American women became Chairs of Surgery: Karen Gibbs, MD, KMarie King, MD, and Andrea Hayes, MD. To highlight and celebrate these historical appointments, we interviewed these extraordinary women who shared their unique views on ascending to leadership.

    Source: Annals of Surgery Volume 276, Number 4, October 2022
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  • Be the voice for scientists in Iran

    As an Iranian female scientist in the United States, I believe that all scientists have a distinct duty to recognize these attacks as an assault on education, knowledge, and human rights; to speak out against injustices in the name of religion; and to give a voice to students, scientists, and health care professionals living in oppressive societies.

    Source: Science Volume 378, Issue 6620
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  • Transforming the Art on Our Walls

    Four years ago, images of women were practically non-existent in the most widely used public spaces at Yale School of Medicine. Today, the school's wall reflect its community.

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  • Support For Iran

    We write to condemn the recent violent attacks on Iranian students by the Islamic Republic’s security forces, as well as lend our support to the brave protestors fighting for their rights within the country.

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