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Wellbeing & Benefits

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Work life integration is critical to the well-being of those at Yale School of Medicine. The University's Work-Life and Childcare website has many resources to assist with different aspects of this. Understanding what is available can be enormously helpful.

Health & Wellness

With the many demands on professionals regularly and during the ongoing trying times, it is critical to maintain focus on health and wellness.

Benefits Available to Yale Faculty

Yale offers many benefits to its faculty. Those that faculty are often looking for information about include:

  • Child scholarship program which helps directly reimburse a child’s accredited college or university for a portion of the tuition and eligible fees only.
  • Financial wellness is never too soon to begin to plan for.
  • Homebuyers program offers income benefit if faculty purchase a home to own and occupy in designated areas of New Haven.
  • Retirement plan information can also be found on this site.
  • Yale signature benefits provides many unique and valuable benefits and resources to faculty and their families.
  • Child-rearing leave: A member of the faculty with a primary appointment at the YSM, and who are working at least half-time (percent work effort of 50% or more), who becomes a parent of a newborn child or newly adopted child under the age of six is eligible for Child-rearing leave.

New Haven

New Haven offers a wealth of diverse offerings including culture, community and residential areas, and services. The University summarizes these under Living In New Haven.

Child Mental Health: Fostering Wellness in Children

Pros4Peers, a program between YSM’s Office of Academic & Professional Development (OAPD) and the Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) from the YSM-YNHHS Aligned Clinician Enterprise, was designed to exchange professional expertise among Yale’s medical community, improve well-being, foster a caring and connected culture, and strengthen a sense of belonging among faculty, staff, and students across the health system.

It's latest offering, Child Mental Health: Fostering Wellness in Children, a four-part webinar series exploring new insights and the latest research findings with faculty from the Yale Child Study Center (YCSC), launched in May, in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month. To view the webinars, click here: (link to Read More).