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Timeline for A&P Processes


The below outline delineates the timeline for academic appointments, promotions, reappointments. Please note the following:
  • Some departments have earlier internal deadlines and/or intermediary steps to facilitate faculty reviews and processing steps.
  • All are encouraged to keep upcoming academic process dates in mind and to be proactive whenever possible.
  • Specifics of what is needed for each track, rank and position are delineated on the Faculty Tracks, Ranks, and Positions webpages.

New appointments are addressed on a rolling basis, and should have paperwork submitted as expeditiously as possible once offer letters are executed (note that the YSM A&P Committees do not regularly meet over the summer, so paperwork submitted during that timeframe will not be reviewed until the fall). Initial appointments only can be retroactive to initial hire/start date.

The below timeline is for all reappointments and promotions of faculty in their primary department. TIMELINE VIDEO

Relevant dates of interest


Faculty responsibilities

Faculty affairs department team responsibilities


Faculty should review their term in workday to see when their term is coming to a close (select "personal information" from the applications window, then "about me" from the view options, then "academic" on the left bar)

If the current faculty term ends in 18 months, or considering any promotion before end-of-term, they should reach out to mentors and their faculty affairs department team to discuss


During the winter /spring faculty being proposed for reappointment or promotion for the subsequent year should review and update paperwork such as CV1 and CV2, as indicated/needed for their track/rank


FA teams should review terms ending during the subsequent year

Based on departmental recommendations, requirements and departmental information should be provided to faculty for upcoming steps


June All faculty being proposed for reappointment or promotion during the subsequent year should review and update paperwork such as CV1 and CV2, as indicated needed for their track/rank

If there are end-of-term faculty not being considered for reappointment or promotion, OAPD should be engaged at least one year before end of term

June 30th is the deadline for departments to distribute faculty end-of-term letters for terms ending at the close of the coming academic year

July 1st is start of the academic year
July 1st is start of the academic year
Departmental A&P committee meetings need to be set up for reviewing promotion materials to approve moving forward with requests for letters of evaluation (these should be put on calendars of all involved now to hold times on tight calendars)

September 1st is the deadline for faculty submitting all required documents to their faculty affairs department teams to be considered for promotion in the coming academic year (note that some departments may have earlier internal deadlines)

Faculty should be working with their mentors and chair/section chief on the creation of the referee list template list so that the faculty affairs department teams can have it submitted by October 1st

Check with faculty affairs department team to ensure that all paperwork is in place

September 1st is the deadline for submitting to OAPD a list of faculty being considered for the coming academic year for:

Ensure all documents required from the faculty have been received

Departmental A&P committee meetings and voting to move forward with requests for letters of evaluation


October 1st is the deadline for submitting through Interfolio:

During October, all letter of evaluation requests should be sent out by the Chair’s or Dean’s Office.

Fall/winter is a time for letter of evaluation requests to be intermittently followed up by those soliciting, department A&P committees to meet and review completed packets as letters are return, and departmental voting on proposed promotions

Departmental A&P voting should be occurring on an ongoing basis

January This is the time to restart looking at the next upcoming year (see January section above)

January 15th is the deadline for

  • Department-solicited promotion letters of evaluation to have been requested through Interfolio.
  • Dean’s office-solicited promotions letters of evaluation information to have been submitted to the OAPD office such that letters can be requested.

If there are faculty on the Clinician-Scientist, Investigator, or Traditional tracks who are at the end of allowable time in rank/track, and their department has not submitted the required information by the noted deadline date, the department chair must reach out to discuss with the OAPD.

All other promotions for which letters have not been solicited by the stated deadline should be adjusted to July 1st of the next calendar year (reappointment should be pursued if necessary). Appointments will be reviewed as information becomes available.


Winter/Spring YSM A&P Committees review dossiers




June 30th is end of the academic year
June 30th is end of the academic year