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Child Mental Health: Fostering Wellness in Children

The Office of Academic and Professional Development (OAPD) and the Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) of the Yale Medicine (YM) - Yale New Have Health System ‘s (YNHHS) Aligned Clinical Enterprise (ACE) have partnered to bring you Pros4Peers, developed to exchange professional expertise among Yale’s medical community to improve well-being, foster a caring and connected culture, and strengthen a sense of belonging among faculty, staff, and students across the health system.

Recent wellness survey results indicated child mental health is a critical issue for members of the YSM and YNHHS communities, who serve as both caregivers at home and in the healthcare setting. In response, Pros4Peers and Yale’s Child Study Center (YCSC) have created a webinar series, to support your role in understanding children’s development and mental health. Whether or not you have children of your own, we all play a part in fostering wellness and resilience skills in children to ensure their social development.