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YSM Biobank

YSM Biobank is a coordinated biorepository that allows for the alignment of collected tissue, plasma, serum and genetic samples, and clinical data, using common processes and information systems. It is a centrally managed, innovative, efficient, and sustainable biorepository with high quality and extensively annotated biospecimens.

Specimen characterization and quality is performed by pathologists in the departments of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

While we work to establish a centralized facility for biospecimen collection, storage, and access, we continue to support the current multiple biospecimen repositories that are essential for the respective research programs on campus in their current form.

Recent Research

The blood/fluid portion of the biorepository began operations in 2020 and has since processed approximately 400,000 biospecimens for clinical operations, epidemiologic surveillance of COVID-19, and multiple research projects. The biorepository currently contains over 175,000 biospecimen aliquots including blood, sera, plasma, and viral transport media. In addition to the banked specimens, which primarily focus on COVID-19, specimens can be acquired prospectively based on specific clinical characteristics derived from the electronic health record. This approach has been used to successfully validate multiple clinical assays and support Yale researchers across multiple departments.

YSM Biobank Goals & Objectives

The overarching objectives of the YSM Biobank are to support biomedical research including clinical trials, standardize how the university curates and releases data, support focused research, and serve community health initiatives.